Organizing Laundry Day. How I Learned to Love the Ultimate Chore

Organizing Laundry Day. How I Learned to Love the Ultimate Chore

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Like most of you (at least I’m hoping I’m not alone) I dreaded doing the laundry. That is until I slowly started creating a system. Over the years my system became routine. So routine that it in fact it became enjoyable.

Before I begin I am making the assumption that you are the only person in your household that does laundry. I do Morgan’s and Austin’s laundry as well as my own. On occasion when I dress up ours cats (George and Jax) for the holidays I have to do their laundry as well.

Thinking about ways in which I organize my life I realized that my laundry system has 5 key actions which I would love to share with you. Below you will find the 5 actions that you can take to turn the mundane chore of laundry into an actual joy.

Action 1. Make Laundry a Day

We have National Doughnut Day and National Pizza Day, why can’t we have National Laundry Day? Wow, I wish we only had to do it once a year, wouldn’t that be amazing?  In all seriousness if you assign a day of the week to doing laundry you will know its coming. It won’t sneak up on you. You can even plan out your outfits to revolve around the next time you will be doing laundry. In fact, I ended up creating an entire chore day – on that special day of days I complete all of my grocery shopping, my cleaning and my laundry. Sometimes I actually look forward to my chore day – I have issues!

Action 2. Invest in Divided Hampers

Although this is a one time action and not on-going, it will save your sanity for years to come. In our house we have a hamper that is divided into two compartments. In one section we put socks, linens and towels. The other section is for everything else. I separate dry cleaning into a separate bag. I don’t separate whites because frankly we don’t wear whites that often and I can be a bit laundry defiant.

Action 3. Create a Laundry Multi-Tasking Challenge

I’m a competitive person! There I said it. I challenge myself on everything, especially the mundane. How many green lights can I make on the way home? How fast can I get ready in the morning? Etc. Because of my nature of course I was going to turn laundry into a challenge. I do several laundry challenges such as how fast can I fold a basket of clothes? How fast can I make it through all my loads? During the wash cycle can I clean the whole kitchen? While the dryer is running can I make it to the grocery store and back? Creating a laundry multi-tasking challenge makes laundry a bit fun. If you are really extreme go for a run during the wash cycle and watch your favorite show during the dryer time. Repeat with each load.

Action 4. Fold Everything ASAP!

You can incorporate Action 4 into Action 3 – see now there aren’t that many steps! I notice that my willingness to comply with my own laundry rules goes down as each minute passes. If I don’t fold the laundry right away then all hope is lost. I am pulling wrinkled clothes out to wear from the laundry basket for a week. If you challenge yourself to fold everything ASAP not only will it not feel like such a chore but when your last load is done you will feel like superwoman!

Action 5. Know Where Everything Goes

This is key. After I fold my laundry every single piece of clothing, table cloth, baby hat has a designated home. Because I know where every single item goes and it consistently goes in the same location I have been able to cut the time down that it takes to sort/put everything away. In fact while I am folding I sort everything into piles of where in the house they belong. Kitchen towels in one stack, Morgan’s clothes in another. Knowing where everything goes has been a true lifesaver and if your closets are super organized and color coded like mine, putting clothes away is quite satisfying.

I encourage you to give my 5 actions a try. Leave me a comment letting me know what you have tried and if it worked for you.

22 Replies to “Organizing Laundry Day. How I Learned to Love the Ultimate Chore”

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  2. Laundry is one of my least favorite chores for sure. I agree with you though that you have to fold it right away and get it done or else it will never get done!

  3. I hate folding my clothes and they pile up, mountains of clothes in my room. I only have one hamper, it does the job but I hate it when your socks gets lost within the clothes. Sometime you have to wear two different coloured socks to work just because you cannot find the other one.
    Thank you for the tips, definitely going to invest in divided hampers!

    1. That’s awesome, if you have kids especially their socks are so tiny I would lose them all if we didn’t have the divided hampers

  4. I definitely agree with you on the having separate bins to organize clothing by wash cycle. I also despise ironing so folding right after a load dries is a must for me too! Thanks for the tips!

    1. I literally do not buy clothes that need be be ironed hahahha, however I did buy a steamer which has been amazing, it gets wrinkles our without ironing

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