How To Eliminate Stress. Creating The Best Pre-Baby Stockpile

How To Eliminate Stress. Creating The Best Pre-Baby Stockpile

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

If there is one thing that I am known for it’s my irrational need to be prepared. Expecting a baby made my compulsion kick into overdrive. I stress out easily if I am not prepared for something. Literally anything! So of course I took my pre-baby stockpiling to the extreme. Morgan is close to 15 months now and I’m still good on most of our necessities! I learned a lot from creating my stockpile. In this post I want to share with you the best pre-baby stockpile must haves.

I knew I needed to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible pre-baby. So I started researching and I took out my trusty Bullet Journal. There are so many blog posts and articles about freezer meals and stockpiling diapers. I absolutely loved the trend. The last thing you want to do right after having a baby is cook a meal or run out in the middle of the night to get extra diapers. Who am I kidding. I mean order take out and Amazon Prime Now some extra diapers.

Most stockpiles consist of consumable items meaning that these items get used and have to be re-purchased after use. For instance a towel is not a consumable item because it can be washed and reused whereas a paper towel is consumed after it is used. My recommendation would be to try and use alternative items rather than consumable ones such as using regular plates and utensils rather than paper plates and plastic utensils.  Even though I know you will be extremely busy post-baby, in the long run you will save money by using your regular dishes and silverware and you will be more environmentally friendly.

The most effective way I found for creating a stockpile is to go room by room. I have a small house so my room by room is limited to the typical. No gift wrapping room for this girl. Although, how awesome would that be by the way!!! Below I listed the top consumable items per room that you can stockpile pre-baby. For some of the items below I linked to my absolute favorites.

Lets start in the best room of all:

The Kitchen

  1. Dish soap
  2. Dishwasher soap
  3. Hand soap
  4. Paper Towels
  5. Freezer Meals
  6. Organic Formula
  7. Distilled Water*
  8. Environmentally, Baby & Pet Friendly Cleaning Products
  9. Trash Bags
  10. Snacks (granola bars, pretzels, popcorn)

*Distilled Water is something most of my mommy friends didn’t know about. It is used for everything. For example, you cannot use tap water or fresh water in a humidifier, a baby bottle sterilizer or a baby bottle warmer. You must use Distilled Water otherwise calcium will build up and render your item useless. You will have to either spend hours scrubbing or you will finally give up and go buy a new one wasting tons of money. Thank you Engineer husband Austin, I didn’t know about this either until he told me.

The Bathroom*

  1. Hand soap
  2. Shampoo/Conditioner
  3. Body Wash
  4. Deodorant
  5. Toilet Paper
  6. Feminine Products
  7. Baby All-in-One Wash
  8. Toothpaste

*Refer to my post Save Money! The Sample Challenge. Will You Join Me? This is an excellent way to create stockpiles that don’t take up as much room and save tons of money! Stockpiling samples is something most of us do anyway. Trust me, go take a look in your cabinets right now. Most of you have hoards and hoards of lotions and hair care products. I know I do, and I was able to use my samples instead of buying new items.

The Nursery

  1. Diapers (If you are using cloth diapers – get a couple of brands and sizes to test out which ones work the best post-baby before committing to just one)
  2. Baby Wipes
  3. Diaper Cream/Coconut Oil
  4. Baby Lotion
  5. Baby Sunscreen
  6. Teething Tablets/Baby Orajel
  7. Disposable Changing Pads
  8. Diaper Genie Bags
  9. Diaper Genie Filters

The Laundry Room

  1. Laundry Detergent
  2. Fabric Softener


  1. Pet Food
  2. Pet Treats
  3. Litter Box Bags/Dog Poop Bags*
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Vitamins

*The throw away dog poop bags are also super handy to keep in your diaper bag. They can be used to store dirty diapers when you are on the go. Especially when you have to change the baby in the back seat of your car when they have a blow out. In cases of blow outs they also come in handy to store soiled baby clothes.

As I mentioned above we have small house (roughly 800 sq feet) so I had to be very mindful of my stockpiling. I didn’t want to create excess clutter. I stockpiled just enough of every item to last for the term of my pregnancy and my maternity leave. For instance we don’t go through laundry detergent as quickly as say a family of five would, so I only purchased two extra (large) bottles. To my surprise I am still using my stockpile a year later.

In addition to the consumable items that I stockpiled I also pre-purchased Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary gifts. The upfront monetary investment was costly. However, I was able to take advantage of a lot of sales and coupons to create my stockpiles because I was not purchasing items I needed in the moment. This is the biggest bonus of them all for creating stockpiles. You don’t have to be expecting a baby to stockpile some consumable items you know you use frequently. In fact most households stockpile a few items such as toilet paper and paper towels without even realizing it.

I’m so glad that I created my stockpile. It came in handy most of all during my maternity leave. I didn’t take Morgan outside to a public place such as a supermarket or a mall until after she was about two months old. Therefore if we needed something Austin had to go get it after work or we would have had to place an order. But that didn’t have to happen because we were prepared. I had everything right there waiting. Peace of mind is seriously one of the greatest feelings in the world.

You too can have this peace of mind by creating your consumable stockpiles.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you created a pre-baby stockpile. What did you include? Did you find it helpful? Would you recommend it to a friend?

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