5 Remarkable Folding Baby Products You Have to See

5 Remarkable Folding Baby Products You Have To See

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Before having Morgan I was on a very steady minimalist kick. I was downsizing and organizing my way to a structured and peaceful home. Truly the one thing I just wasn’t prepared for with having a baby is that babies come with a lot of stuff! When I’m talking about a lot I mean times a hundred! We had bassinets, bibs, blankets, books, bottles, carriers, clothes, and toys everywhere!

I very much tried to control my anxiety which was brought on by this new found clutter. Then I discovered my first true life saver. The KidCo Go-Pod Infant Activity Seat. From then on I knew I unlocked the door to clutter freedom! The key was FOLDING!!! I would love to share with you the 5 Remarkable Folding Baby Products You Have to See. Let’s start with my first discovery.

The KidCo Go-Pod Infant Activity Seat works just like a folding camping chair. It’s lightweight, compact, and portable. It has nylon toy hooks for hours of fun. It even comes with cup holders to hold baby bottles or sippy cups. The material also makes it a breeze to clean. It’s carry case offers the perfect storage solution when your baby is done playing. This activity seat can easily replace a standard exec-saucer which takes up a ton of space!

Because I now had the key of FOLDING, I sought out other space saving products. My next purchase was by far the greatest one I have made to date. The Ciao Baby – Portable High Chair. Austin and I have used this in Morgan’s first year almost 80 times. More than any other item we have bought including her stroller! We keep the Ciao Baby – Portable High Chair in our car at all times. It has become invaluable. No matter where we take it we have gotten so many compliments from other parents. My favorites being “OMG why don’t we have one of those” and “Can I buy that from you, how much do you want for it?”

The Ciao Baby – Portable High Chair also works like a folding camping chair. It is a standard high chair height making it ideal to use in a restaurant without high chairs. Believe me there are several restaurants here in Los Angeles that don’t offer high chairs! We have been prepared for those every single time! We even take it to Grandma’s house so she doesn’t have to run out and buy Morgan a high chair that she will only use once or twice. I literally can’t say enough good things about my Ciao Baby!

Morgan was about 6 months old during summer last year. With so many amazing beach days here in LA we just couldn’t wait to get our beach baby out in the sun. The one thing we knew however was that we needed sun protection beyond just her UV clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen. We purchased a bblüv Süni Anti-UV Sun and Play Tent. Another compact, lightweight and folding item to add to my collection!

The bblüv Süni Anti-UV Sun and Play Tent is ideal when going to the beach or the park. It offers just enough protection for baby to enjoy the sand and the sun without getting a dangerous sunburn. Its UVA and UVB rated. It’s size is also extremely manageable making it easy to carry when on the go and small enough to keep in the trunk of your car at all times so you are always prepared. It is a tad tricky to refold but once you master it your muscle memory takes over. I’m counting down the days until we can use it again. It’s been ideal weather this week we just might have to break it out this weekend and take a trip to the beach!

The KidCo TravelPod Portable Playard is a must. The joys of sitting little Morgan in the Playard and watching her have fun in a safe and secure environment is priceless! She uses her Playard mostly as a bed now, we no longer leave her in there to play because she is far too interested in trying to escape.

The KidCo TravelPod Portable Playard like all the other items I mentioned is an ideal space saver because it folds up for easy storage. It is also made of super high quality materials with a sturdy steel frame. It comes with a soft foam mattress that uses standard sized portable playard sheets. It’s compact and perfect for travel. Don’t use a dirty, unsafe hotel crib take your KidCo TravelPod Portable Playard with you on your next trip.

Last but not least we recently purchased a Regalo My Cot folding toddler bed. It’s the same one that Morgan uses at day care so we were sure she would love it. However little Morgan is quite the rascal. She falls asleep but then instantly perks up as soon as her head hits the Regalo My Cot. By no fault of its own, Morgan would just rather play on it. Austin and I spoil Morgan a tad too much with sleeping and usually take naps with her on the weekends. The Regalo My Cot however is extremely sturdy, lightweight and incredibly easy to fold and unfold. I know it will come in handy as soon as we actually start using it!

Thank you so much for reading along as I described the 5 Remarkable Folding Baby Products You Have To See! If you want space saving, easy to use, compact items that will reduce clutter and save your sanity look no further! Let me know if you have tried one of these items or if you have any folding items you would like to share with me. I look forward to your comments.

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  1. yes yes yes yes yes. i need all of these products now. the tent and the go pod seem like essentials now that baseball season is coming up. Have you ever toted an infant and a toddler to a preschooler baseball game? i haven’t either, but we’re going to get these two items and pray for the best hah!

    1. they are essentials, I feel prepared each time we leave the house because of these items. We especially love going to food festivals – BBQ fests and we take along the activity seat and the high chair

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