How To Spring Clean Your Baby’s Closet

How to Spring Clean Your Baby's Closet

Cleaning your closet versus cleaning a baby’s closet is vastly different. For instance a baby is changing sizes every few months. We as adults don’t fluctuate all that often unless we are pregnant or dieting. In addition babies unlike adults are receiving clothes as gifts all the time from grandparents, neighbors, friends and from your late night impulse purchases. Lastly unlike adults who probably have 30-40 staples in their wardrobe, babies can have a 100 or so items. It gets to be a little daunting sorting through everything just to put an outfit together.

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I have determined that I can’t just spring clean my baby’s closet I need to do a quarterly overhaul. In order to keep everything under control I have broken down my thought process into a few simple steps. I begin by categorizing everything by size.


Baby clothes range from preemie, newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month, 18 month, and 24 month. After which you get into the Toddler sizes: 2, 3 etc. During each quarterly inventory get rid of things that no longer fit your baby. You can donate them, sell them or save them for future babies. After you categorize all of the clothes by size, and items that no longer fit are placed aside your next step is to sort out Holiday Wear.


Baby’s have obvious holiday wear. One of the funniest things to do is dress them up for all of the different holidays and special occasions. These clothes are often worn only once or very few times during the given holiday season. Categorize all Christmas, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day etc. clothes into Holiday Wear. Once the Holiday Wear is removed categorize the remaining clothes into seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall.


Based on the current season we are in: Spring, leave those clothes out and store all the other items that cannot be worn during the spring (ex. heavy winter coats) in a storage bin or another section of your nursery’s closet for later use. I should note that there are items that can be worn across multiple seasons. For instance Morgan can easily wear a dress over a long sleeved onesie with a pair of pants in just about any season.

This leads me to a tangent. Buy Basics! I have several sets of Plain White onesies in sleeveless or long sleeved to place under Morgan’s clothes. Basics are absolutely invaluable. You can adjust clothes to adapt to different seasons plus basics make great layering pieces.

Now that we have categorized the closet by Size, Holiday Wear and Season, the last step is to create wearable outfits.


My little Morgan is in day care five days a week. It’s exhausting getting everything ready in the morning. All our breakfasts and lunches in addition to our clothes. Therefore I pre-sort everything in Morgan’s closet into ready to wear outfits. This makes choosing something for her to wear a breeze and makes it even easier when Austin has to dress her. Each outfit consists of a onesie, a dress or sweater, pants or a skirt and socks.

During the next quarterly inventory we will be prepping for summer. During that closet overhaul I’ll be checking to make sure we have swimsuits, and shorts ready to go for the fun beach days ahead! I hope these few simple tips inspired you to take a stab at spring cleaning your baby’s closet!

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