7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges

7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges

Since my last post How To Love Going On Road Trips With Your Baby just a mere three days ago my hubby and I added another Road Trip to our calendar. I’m super excited about all the fun things we have planned this year. In order to prep the way only a true Organized Mother can prep, I began to envision my road trip must haves. The more I thought about it the more I realized we already have some pretty amazing things that we have been using all these years.

In no particular order I have listed items that we have splurged on in the past to make our road trips top notch. In today’s post I am listing 7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges. When you see the list below you will not know how you ever traveled without them! I know that I totally can’t.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

Number 1: Bamboo Insulated Picnic Basket

Part of the fun of Road Trips is discovering new locations. In order to save some mullah and enjoy the great outdoors, I highly recommend a picnic basket. The best picnic basket I every purchased was the 21 piece Bamboo Insulated set linked above.

What I like about it is that instead of wine glasses it comes with deep mugs. I have a baby she doesn’t need a wine glass! It also features a deep insulated zippered pocket perfect for storing several delicious treats and drinks. It is sturdy, incredibly well crafted and super practical for a family of four.

Number 2: Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

You never know what can happen on the road when you least expect it. A car emergency kit is a true necessity when traveling short or long distances. This one includes 90 items! Jumper Cables, an Air Compressor, a Flashlight, a Tire Repair Kit, Tow Straps, and a First Aid Kit are just a few of the items. The First Aid Kit in and of itself is worth the price. It’s nice knowing that you are prepared for any situation that may arise.

Number 3: Always-in-View Video Baby Monitor

Not gonna lie!!! When I first became pregnant with Morgan I had no idea what items were needed to take care of a baby. So I turned to my trusted friend Google. I Googled “What Do Rich People Buy For Babies”. Inquiring minds wanted to know what the best of the best products out there were. That’s when I ran across the Always-In-View Camera Car Monitor.

It’s brilliant. A camera just like my baby monitor at home but for in the car. It mounts to your windshield or dash making it super safe because you are not glancing behind you or in your rear view mirror to check on your baby. It also eliminates the potential risk of your baby absorbing harmful UVA or UVB rays from conventional reflective baby mirrors. And the best thing of all is that just like your monitor at home it has night vision. Unlike the mirrors that attach to the backseat you can actually see your child at night or when passing through a tunnel!

Literally this has been the best baby purchase I have ever made. I just thought of another bonus about this product, if you have two babies you can set up two monitors. You don’t have to continuously readjust your rear view mirror to view one child over the other. Seriously love this product!

Number 4: Cooler and Back Seat Organizer with Snack & Play Tray

How cool is this organizer. It can serve as storage for food, toys, drinks, and books. It has sippy cup or regular cup holders, side pockets for easy access and when zipped shut it acts as a play station. Your child can use it to color, do small puzzles and/or crafts. I just absolutely love the fact that it is so versatile. In addition to it keeping things neat and tidy in the back seat. I don’t have two kids yet but I also imagine that it can work wonders for separating bickering kids.

Number 5: Car Trash Can with Lid and Storage Pockets

Another one of those ah ha moments came when we finally purchased a trash can for our car. Seriously how did we function in life without one. I can guarantee that we have used it every single day since we bought it. When going on road trips it can become essential. You can be in the car for hours at a time. Its nice to have somewhere to throw wet wipes, tissues, or empty water bottles. Always make sure to line it with a trash can bag in order to keep it nice and clean.

Number 6: The Dyson Baby/Child Handheld Cordless Vacuum

There is one thing that I just can’t emphasize enough for you to pack on your road trip. It is a handheld vacuum. I have written so much about my Dyson on this blog that I should become an official spokesperson. I just truly love it. You can see my past Dyson mentions here: 5 Of The Best Products For A Home With Cats and 5 Of The Best Spring Cleaning Items Moms Must Have. When you are traveling in a car for hours on end you will do two things. Snack and make a mess. This is especially true of kids. How nice would it be to be able to instantly clean up those cracker remnants or that ball of fur if you are traveling with a pet.

Number 7: Four-socket Car Charger

Last but not least! Not all splurges are expensive, in fact my number seven splurge is under 5 dollars! With so many electronic devices now-a-days you just have to be able to keep them all running on full steam. Although we don’t encourage Morgan to view videos in the car we do plug our phones in to charge. In addition to our Always-In-View monitor, our I Pod, and a Navigation Device if we aren’t using Google Maps. A few Car Chargers and Splitters are highly recommended!

I hope you enjoyed my list of Road Trip Splurges. We are getting ready for our first of many road trips soon! I can’t wait. I hope all goes well with Morgan and I hope that I can take my own advice and just be silly, have fun and enjoy the ride!

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