5 Of The Best Traveling With Baby Made Easy Finds

5 Of The Best Traveling With Baby Made Easy Finds

It’s been a crazy three weeks. We have successfully completed two full road trips and boy where they fun! First we went to Las Vegas to visit Austin’s cousin and his family. Las Vegas is about a 3 hour drive from Los Angeles. It took us almost 5 hours with all the stops along the way. This past Mother’s Day weekend we went up to Mammoth Lakes to visit my parents. Mammoth is a 6 hour drive from Los Angeles which took us roughly 9 hours with all the baby stops along the way.

We have a few more road trips planned for the remainder of the year and I’m sure we will squeeze in a few unplanned ones as well. Road trips are just a fun, easy and affordable way to travel. Previously I wrote two posts about Road Trip planning with a baby, read them here: How To Love Going On Road Trips With Your Baby and 7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges. The best part about Road Trips for me is the bonding that you get to do in the car along the way. You see new things, chat and have sing-a-longs. You also get to discover some cool new restaurants and attractions.

During these two road trips we learned so much about what a baby needs and does not need. I also found that I was a pretty decent pre-planner because some of the products we have are truly amazing! They were so helpful and really I would recommend them to any traveling parent whatever type of travel it may be. Today I will be sharing with you 5 Of The Best Traveling With Baby Made Easy Finds. They not only made our lives easier but each one is functional as well as it is fun. The nice thing is now when Morgan sees a few of them especially number 1 and 2 she knows a super fun road trip is coming.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

Number 1

Skip Hop Jules Giraffe Little Kid and Toddler Travel Rolling Luggage

I admit that when I purchased this I only had one thought in mind. Super cute!!!! However since actually using it I have found it to be remarkably versatile. It has a large front compartment for books and toys. The front pocket has an inner mesh pocket which can store smaller items such as lotions and sunscreen. In addition to the inner mesh pocket there is a side mesh pocket that can easily hold any size sippy cup.

The large inner compartment was able to hold 7 full outfits consisting of a onesie, sweater or t-shirt and pants or a skirt. In addition it held a full adult size toiletry bag, two pairs of size 5 shoes; one of which were snow boots. And last but not least a full snow jacket and snow bib. The compartment is extremely deep and will surprise you with how much it can pack in. What I truly love about all Skip Hop products is the durability and the quality. This suitcase rivals the suitcase that Austin bought for us for a quite pretty penny!

Number 2

Skip Hop Jules Giraffe Little Kid and Toddler Backpack

Skip Hop products are like chips you can’t have just one! In all reality after I purchased the suitcase I just knew that the backpack would serve such a functional purpose. Perfect for the extras such as more toys and shoes. Or use it the way I do and fill it with extra bottles and sippy cups, non-perishable snacks and lots and lots of wipes.

This backpack can be described the same way the suitcase can. It has the two pockets and the side pocket which can be used perfectly for a sippy or sun screen. Once again the quality is unmatched. I have had so many baby products now and I can tell you that Skip Hop has made the products that will last a lifetime! I also noticed that most of the Skip Hop products retain their value if you are looking to sell them on eBay once you are done using them.

Number 3

Skip Hop Pronto Signature Portable Changing Station

I can’t live without number 3. I received the Skip Hop changing station for my baby shower. It is a large fold-able changing mat. It has a front zippered pocket for extra wipes or diapers, and two inner pockets for extra wipes or diapers. In addition to that it folds out extra large with fold out side flaps. My 32 inch Morgan still fits perfectly on the surface.

If you go on any type of trip or just out to eat, you must get the changing station. Most restaurant bathrooms have changing tables but you wouldn’t catch me putting Morgan on one of them, gross!!! I use the changing mat, lay it down on the changing table and now I feel much more at ease about changing Morgan. The extra nice feature is if you add diapers or wipes to the inner pocket it can serve as a pillow for baby’s head. After you are done just fold it up and you are good to go! It also has a velcro handle which can easily hook on to your diaper bag.

Number 4

Out & About Indoor/Outdoor Water Repellent Travel Blanket

Just like number 3 I can’t live without number 4. We have used this folding blanket so many times. Everyone that we have had the chance to show it off to now has one because it’s so versatile. It is a large enough picnic blanket for four adults to sit on comfortably with a full picnic.

We have used it at the beach, fishing, at the park and even indoors as a soft cushy surface to play on. The best part is it folds up and has a zipper that keeps the blanket folded up and secure. It even has a padded shoulder strap for easy portability. Austin and I keep it in the trunk of the car all the time because you never know when a gorgeous beach sunset will strike and we must take in the view.

Number 5

ezpz Mini Mat

I wrote a full blog post about my love for the ezpz Mat How To Restaurant Train Your Toddler. Yes You Can! I just don’t know how to express my sheer love for this product. Not only is it functional, adorable and portable but it is also extremely recognizable. Morgan instantly knows it’s meal time once her ezpz makes an entrance. I see so many baby’s at restaurants swatting plates off of the table or reaching for their parents plates. Not our baby Morgan, she knows she has something special all her own.

The ezpz mat sticks to most surfaces. It’s not always perfect because Morgan has on occasion figured out how to lift it, however it is the best on the market when it comes to staying put for long periods of time. The other great thing about taking it with you on road trips is that it is the familiar item that baby needs to feel comfortable and know that no matter where she is there is consistency.

For additional resources be sure to check out AllTheRooms Blog post on How to Travel With Your Baby. 

If you have any of the products listed above or you have additional recommendations for The Best Traveling With Baby Made Easy Finds please leave me a comment. I would love to hear about your experiences!

Thanks for reading.

16 Replies to “5 Of The Best Traveling With Baby Made Easy Finds”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Road trips are the perfect low cost family bonding trips. As a military family we embark on many road trips, each time we move and to see family every holiday.

    1. That’s awesome, I actually really enjoy them also, its especially fun to stop at all the random road side attractions

    1. I just love it, I even use it at home for every day use, but on the road it especially is invaluable

  2. The suitcase is a great idea, keep baby things separate from our things. Not sure if a backpack would be much use until baby starts walking, more for a toddler. I love our portable changing mat!

    1. I love keeping things separate especially if I need to change her on the road or find a jacket etc. It makes it quick and easy. My baby is 17 months she doesn’t wear the backpack so I totally understand what you are saying. I use it more as bottle and snack storage. The ezpz is the best thing ever!

    1. hahahh I totally understand sometimes less is more. However I have my 17 month old wheel her suitcase on her own, she thinks its a game and I think its great! hahahh

  3. These products are not available in South Africa, which is where I am but we of course have different brands/variations. It’s amazing how much of stuff we need to carry for a little baby ☺️ So practical is always good and helps with boot space!

    1. Awww i’m sorry they are not available there, my husband just went to South Africa last October, he loved it!!! He went to Johannesburg and the Limpopo Province

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