How To Completely Change The Way You Spring Clean [Printable]

How To Completely Change The Way You Spring Clean

Have you ever heard of Task Specific Cleaning? I haven’t either until I think I made it up! I tried to Google it to make sure I didn’t read about the concept somewhere and forget about it, I couldn’t find anything. While I’m sure Task Specific Cleaning isn’t new, it’s something new to me. Let me explain!

I hope that by the end of this post a sense of AH HA will wash over you. Spring ends on June 20th. Which means that there is about a month left to Spring Clean. I was so excited in March when Spring began and I started out strong organizing all of our closets and drawers. However my enthusiasm fizzled. Spring Cleaning has completely taken a back-burner to my being sick, us taking trips, us working 9 to 5, starting and growing this blog and just dealing with everyday tasks.

But I am determined to make this final month of Spring count. In order to really complete my deep dive Spring Cleaning I must do one of my favorite things. Make a List!!! I just love making lists, even more so I love checking things off of my lists. If you are like me and you want to really make this final month of Spring count and complete your Spring Cleaning with a fury keep reading! I also have a bonus printable (link at the bottom of the post).

When I used to make Spring Cleaning checklists in the past I would focus on cleaning room by room; but then I realized I would need to get out different supplies for each task in that room – baseboards, windows etc. So instead of doing a checklist that is based on room by room cleaning I decided to create a check list that was Task Specific. Hence the concept of Task Specific Cleaning was born.

Now I must be completely transparent this is a whole lot easier to accomplish when your home is under 1000 sq feet. I probably wouldn’t recommend Task Specific Cleaning to those of you in a 3000 sq ft foot home – although if you want some great cardio – go for it!!!

In order to get started I listed items that need cleaning in each room and then listed the specific tasks that are required to clean those items.

Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite (insert sarcasm here):

  1. Windows: deep cleaning windows is a very large undertaking, especially if you are not in a single story home. First you must remove all your screens. I suggest using a garden hose to clean the screens and then drying them in the sun. You can also shortcut clean your screens by vacuuming them and wiping them down with a washcloth. Proceed next to clean the inside and the outside of your windows with your favorite cleaning product. Most people swear by Windex or by a good old Vinegar mixture. I prefer non-toxic Seventh Generation or Honest Brand products.
  2. Doors: interior and exterior doors must be cleaned. Clean the top of the door the body of the door, any stained glass or decoration in the door and then the bottom of the door. Make sure to also clean all of the door handles well and add some WD40 if needed to prevent squeaks in the door hinges. This would also be an opportune time to repaint any doors (interior or exterior) to refresh the color or change it all together. Also make sure that your bottom door seals (weather stripping) are in good shape and replace them if needed.
  3. Floors: deep cleaning floors of all sorts! Hardwood floors are easier in my opinion, a good broom, mop and shine combo. Tile floors can be trickier because you are dealing with grout. An old trick I learned to remove grout stains was baking soda, water and lemon, a toothbrush and hours of your time! A good old fashion bleach cleaning however always works wonders and it is a lot quicker. Carpets can also be cleaned very easily by renting a Rug Doctor from your local Home Depot or using a portable Bissell vacuum. Ensure you include baseboard cleaning in the floor cleaning task.
  4. Walls: most people don’t think about giving their walls a good clean. But if you are going to ever do it, doing it during Spring Cleaning is the perfect time. Wipe each wall of your house down. You can also go outside and clean the outside of your house at this time, enhancing your curb appeal. I found that the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works amazing wonders on interior walls. Touch up any paint spots that have chipped or fill in any holes in your wall that you no longer need to hang anything from. Include crown molding and ceilings in the walls task.
  5. Curtains: when is the last time you cleaned your curtains, if you are like me – never! Most curtains are machine washable. However if you are nervous to wash them on your own I recommend taking them to a dry cleaner, they can also press them for you.
  6. Blinds/Shutters: blinds and shutters can be cleaned quite easily using washcloths, feather dusters and vacuums. You can even clean then using old socks. Now is the time to tackle that dust!
  7. Air Conditioners: Remove the filters, clean the vents and enjoy your AC like it was brand new!
  8. Ceiling Fans: I recommend removing the blades and cleaning them individually, however you can also use a ladder and a pillow case to clean them. Slide the pillow case on the blade as if it were a pillow then remove the dust without it flying everywhere! Make sure to clean the light fixture in your cleaning fan as well. While you are completing this task you can go ahead and clean all your overhead lighting! Hey, why not!!!

Now that the big stuff is done, let’s start tackling the small stuff. This may take a while.

  1. Furniture: for sofas and anything that has fabric you can get out your Bissell vacuum once again. It works wonders on upholstery. I highly recommend scotchgarding anything you haven’t already done so to protect it from stains. This is a miracle product, my daughter has spilled just about everything on our sofa but it still looks brand new because the stains don’t settle. Include all furniture in this task: desks, entertainment cabinets, beds, dressers etc.
  2. Pet Furniture: I definitely slack when it comes to cleaning our cat trees, but it’s a necessary evil. If you don’t clean them that hair and dander will fly everywhere. Also deep clean any litter boxes in this task or doggy beds.
  3. Mirrors: I actually love cleaning mirrors, the instant shine gratification is wonderful. I have mirrored closet doors and a large mirror in my living room. Unless I make it a point to clean them I tend to forget.
  4. Appliances: Here is a fun one, especially if you have a self cleaning oven or dish washer. Just run those self cleaning functions and away you go! You can add vinegar to your dish washer to really give it a nice deep clean. In this task also clean your refrigerator, your garbage disposal, microwave, and washer and dryer. Include all small appliances as well such as blenders.
  5. Knickknacks: this is where having cats is the best thing in the world. We don’t have knickknacks! They break everything! We have a small enclosed book shelf so when I have to deep clean that section of my house I’m done in 20 minutes! YAY free time!
  6. Clutter: as a self-proclaimed neat freak, I pretty much consider everything clutter. In this task tackle your kids toys, books, shoes laying around, messy desks etc. Anything that visibly should be put away is clutter.
  7. Paperwork: this is a hard one because most of the time you just don’t know what to do you with your old paperwork. I recommend sorting it, scanning it if needed or filing it. If you no longer have a need for it recycle it! This includes old greeting cards etc. If it doesn’t serve an immediate purpose you probably don’t need it. A great scanner is wonderful especially for kids art work or loose photos.
  8. Digital: this could take a while! Cleaning your computer definitely isn’t a small undertaking. Organize your photo’s. Your paperwork. Your music. Delete old files that are duplicates or are no longer of use. Your computer will love you for it by running a lot faster!

Whoa that’s a lot of work! Let me know if I missed anything and let me know if you Task Specific Clean. This is the first year I am trying it. I really like the concept so far. It allows me to do one task at a time. I have the cleaning items prepared that I need to complete that one task. No having to constantly change what I am using. I can assign each task a day so I don’t get overwhelmed. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

Task Specific Cleaning Printable

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Cleaning Items Mentioned

Good Luck and most of all have fun! Your home will look amazing!!!

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  1. This is really useful. I try to avoid cleaning as much as possible so really need the pointers! (though I agree that mirror cleaning is strangely gratifying!)

    1. hahaha I love that you avoid cleaning I kinda do too, I like spring cleaning other than that it’s a lost cause

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