How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success?

How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success

Gosh time sure did flying by, Spring ended 8 whole days ago. It is no longer my favorite cleaning time of the year. It is now Summer where the pressure to purge is no longer a thought and instead it’s all about Summer fun and relaxation. This Spring I had so many plans on how I was going to clean and organize our home. This Spring I also found out I was expecting another baby. The shift from cleaning to dr’s appointments and baby planning was an exciting one. However it also made me lose a little bit of cleaning focus.

In today’s post I will review what went well during my Spring Cleaning journey; what went not as planned; and what 3 products I found that I just couldn’t live without. But before I get into the nitty gritty I want to revisit some of the Spring Cleaning posts that I published during this magical time of year in case you missed them. My favorite post was definitely the last one listed. My entire cleaning method changed and it was for the better!

What Went Well / What Went Not As Planned

Many things went well this Spring however cleaning was not one of them. For once I started questioning if I really liked to organize as much as I did in the past. The reason being is that I just couldn’t get motivated. It could be because this is the first Spring that I had a Toddler running around. Last Spring Morgan was still a nice baby that slept most of the day. We also have an explosion of toys around the entire house that I just can’t clean and lock up. Morgan plays with her toys every single day, they have to stay out and about. But this Spring I learned to tame that toy tornado.

Before Morgan was born in 2015 what seems like eternity ago, I became a self-proclaimed minimalist. I was all about downsizing my stuff and that really led me to begin selling and purging which was fantastic to do before having a baby. I highly recommend it! However after Morgan was born I quickly realized that life can no longer be minimal because baby’s need things. Not a lot of things and not things that don’t serve a purpose but still nonetheless they come with baggage.

I however want to learn how to instill that sense of minimalism in Morgan. This is the reason I create busy baskets for her. They are baskets full of toys that I rotate week to week. She constantly rediscovers toys that are new to her that week and rejoices when she runs across a toy she hasn’t played with in a while. I found that although we have more toys then I would love around the house, we are able to keep it quite manageable and organized. It is not the quantity that matters with children it is the interaction and exploration of the toy that counts.

Busy Baskets
Morgan’s Busy Baskets

Although I didn’t stick to my Spring Cleaning plan as scheduled I did maintain a cleanish home this Spring. I did purge a ton of ill fitting items from my closet. And I was very successful in selling unwanted items on eBay. I also learned how to live with a little chaos and be okay with it. Just don’t ask Austin to confirm that last statement. He probably would say otherwise.

3 Products I Found That I Just Couldn’t Live Without

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

Number 1:

In several of my Spring Cleaning posts this year I mentioned my love for my Dyson Handheld Vacuum.

It is completely essential in our home. We don’t have a large home (under 1000 sq feet) and we have hard wood floors throughout. Therefore a handheld is just the right size for storage purposes and for lifestyle purposes. The Dyson has super strong suction, a battery life that lasts and lasts and it is durable, lightweight and downright handy! If there was one thing that I use more than anything it is my Dyson.

Number 2:

Mentioned in my 5 Of The Best Products For A Home With Cats post The Sticky Buddy is a wonderful environmentally friendly alternative to the lint roller.

It’s super simple, it’s a sticky silicon like product that works wonders on picking up pet hair and human hair. It can be washed and reused over and over again. I use it on our sofa, our bed, my clothes, and our furniture. Stop buying and throwing away lint brushes, do yourself a huge favor and buy the Sticky Buddy today! It also comes with a Lifetime guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Number 3: 

My go to cleaner especially after having a baby is Seventh Generation All Purpose Free and Clear Natural Cleaner.

Cleaners can be toxic and harmful to babies and pets, that’s why I love Seventh Generation Cleaner, it can be used in every room of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom. It is biodegradable, septic safe, and a USDA Certified Biobased product. Seventh Generation products don’t have any harsh chemicals, Petroleum based solvents, Glycol ethers, Phosphates, Acids, Caustics, Dyes or Fragrances. I can feel good about cleaning the surfaces in my house without having to worry about Morgan being harmed when she sticks her mouth on everything. The best part this product actually works and works extremely well!

Whether your Spring Cleaning Season was Stressful or Successful always remember that life happens. I may not have been able to accomplish everything on my list this Spring but I had a great time, with a ton of new memories to cherish. Let me know how your Spring Cleaning season went? Did you accomplish everything you wanted to?

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