Welcome To The Stay At Home Mom Experiment. Behind The Scenes.

The Stay At Home Mom Experiment

This week is a very unique one indeed. My 19 month old has a week off of day care for Summer Vacation. What this really means is that mommy has a huge challenge in front of her. I am entering into an unfamiliar world. A world of being a stay at home mom. Although my journey will only last a week, I anticipate it will be a rough one with multiple challenges ahead of me. However, I also very optimistic. Probably a little too optimistic at this point. I have grand plans of activities, potty training, bonding and having tons of fun. Welcome To The Stay At Home Mom Experiment. Behind The Scenes.

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Introducing July’s MOMtrepreneur. Soon To Be Mommy And DIY Blogger

Introducing July's MOMtrepreneur. Soon To Be Mommy And DIY Blogger.

Can you believe we are already halfway done with 2017. This year is indeed flying by! In fact it’s going so quickly here I am with another Featured MOMtrepreneur post. I am so excited about my July feature. She is extremely creative and handy, two things that I admire greatly. She shares her amazing creations on her newly launched Blog Little Bitti Living. I featured one of her handmade creations in the main image. Be sure to check out her Blog for detailed DIY (Do-It-Yourself) instructions.

If you are new to Organizing Motherhood then you have been missing out on learning about some amazing Moms! Every month I aim to feature a MOMtrepreneur, a MOMtrepreneur can be anyone. From a stay at home mom blogger to a 9-5 working mom that has a passion for sewing. I know so many remarkable moms out there that hold down a 9-5 job, have a side hustle and raise amazing kids. How do they do it, especially with only so many hours in the day. I am here to find out and share these astounding ladies stories with all of you in addition to promoting their businesses. Because most of all us mom’s need to help one another and support each others ventures!

This is my 5th feature, I literally can’t believe it. You can read my past features below. Starting with a very good friend that owns and operates a stunning baby accessory brand. You definitely don’t want to miss these fantastic ladies:

I was so lucky that Tylynn from Little Bitti Living emailed me at organizingmotherhood@gmail.com. She ran across my Blog in her search for socializing and reaching out to other Bloggers like herself. When I started the MOMtrepreneur features I never imaged it would be so enjoyable, but it really is! It would be an absolute pleasure meeting more mom’s among my readers. If you are a MOMtrepreneur like Tylynn and would like to share your story on my Blog please send me an email at organizingmotherhood@gmail.com. I will send you all the details! Please reach out and share your story with all of us!

Today’s feature of Tylynn author of Little Bitti Living is a special one. She is a soon to be mommy! Since I am currently in the same boat as her (expecting) I have no idea how she can create her amazing DIY projects and still have time to Blog about it. She is truly astonishing, and I know you will fall in love with her and her designs immediately. Meet Tylynn –

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Why My Bullet Journal Continues To Be So Powerful

Pregnancy Bullet Journal

For today’s topic I decided to re-publish my very first blog post ever. The reason being is that I am dealing with the exact same issue that I was dealing with when that post was inspired. My mommy brain has taken over my body with this second pregnancy. I can’t seem to remember anything especially the ever so important appointments and tasks that go along with motherhood.

My bullet journal really helped me during my last pregnancy so I knew that the answer to my current distress was to pull it back out and get back into the habit of writing down literally everything that pops into my head at the most random times of day.

If you haven’t had a chance to read my first post here it is, I really hope you enjoy it!
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How To Explain The Importance Of The Fourth Of July To Your Toddler

How To Explain The Importance Of The Fourth Of July To Your Toddler

In the middle of March I wrote a super successful post about the history and origin of St. Patrick’s day. I wanted to research it because honestly I didn’t know anything about it. Yet I was dressing Morgan in green head to toe! That post ended up launching a series of posts after I received multiple comments to create a post for each holiday. I will have to explain each holiday to Morgan anyway. What a better way than to actually learn the facts behind them. You can read all of the past posts below:

  1. St. Patrick’s Day
  2. Easter
  3. Mother’s Day
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Father’s Day

I learned so much from doing these posts, and I found that I really enjoyed researching and writing them. Today I will be sharing with you How To Explain The Importance Of The Fourth Of July To Your Toddler. It’s such an integral part of American History that we should all learn about. Here are the top 7 things that I have learned about the importance of the Fourth of July that I will use to explain it to my little Morgan. Thank you so much to my wonderful friend Google. As always Google was able to steer me in so many interesting directions while researching this history.

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