Introducing August’s MOMtrepreneur. A “Tru’ly” Passionate Branding Consultant

Introducing August's MOMtrepreneur. A Tru'ly Passionate Branding Consultant

Every month that goes by I am both amazed with how fast time goes and excited because it means I am one month closer to being a mom of two! August’s MOMtrepreneur is also a mom of two, a 2 year old and a 6 month old. If being a mom of two wasn’t hard enough she decided to take a leap of faith and start her own branding consultancy. Her Tru Brand Agency is a digital marketing and media agency. Read more about her business below and how she can help us fellow bloggers protect, define and monetize our brands!

If you are new to Organizing Motherhood then you have been missing out on learning about some amazing Moms! Every month I aim to feature a MOMtrepreneur, a MOMtrepreneur can be anyone. From a stay at home mom blogger to a 9-5 working mom that has a passion for sewing. I know so many remarkable moms out there that hold down a 9-5 job, have a side hustle and raise amazing kids. How do they do it, especially with only so many hours in the day. I am here to find out and share these astounding ladies stories with all of you in addition to promoting their businesses. Because most of all us mom’s need to help one another and support each others ventures!

This is my 6th feature, I literally can’t believe it. You can read my past features below. Starting with a very good friend that owns and operates a stunning baby accessory brand. You definitely don’t want to miss these fantastic ladies:

I was so lucky that Trunae from the Tru Brand Agency responded to a post of mine on Social Media. When I started the MOMtrepreneur features I never imaged it would be so enjoyable, but it really is! It would be an absolute pleasure meeting more mom’s among my readers. If you are a MOMtrepreneur like Trunae and would like to share your story on my Blog please send me an email at I will send you all the details! Please reach out and share your story with all of us!

Today’s feature of Trunae from the Tru Brand Agency is a truly exciting one. She is someone us bloggers must get to know! A Branding Consultant that can assist us with our blogs in the best possible ways. I can’t wait to learn even more about her and I am so happy to have met her! Now I would like to introduce all of you to Trunae –

Hi everyone, my name is Trunae (pronounced Tru-Nay) Green & yes my favorite color is green (wink). Branding & Marketing make me extremely happy, so much so that I launched The Tru Brand Agency in late Fall 2014. With the support of my husband, I had just finished graduate school and walked across the stage inside a gorgeous white tent; sitting in the middle of Lasell’s campus in Boston. Prior to this second degree, I had studied Communications at Georgia State and interned with several PR/Marketing firms in Atlanta. And yes, I was born and raised in the humid and traffic jammed Atlanta, GA. 

Trunae Green
Trunae Green
Trunae Green
Family Photo

Now the timing in which I decided to launch my own business came unexpectedly…why? Well, early in the year of me finishing up my graduate degree, having already gained years of experience and applying to numerous jobs; I just knew I would land my dream gig! But, it didn’t happen!

Months continued of applying and networking…yet, my dream corporate job didn’t come. Yes, I was confused & frustrated and kept retracing my steps…it was then I realized that it was meant for me to start my business, so I took that leap of faith. You see, it was an early dream of mind to be an entrepreneur. I had watched my parents launch a full-service, graphic design company from the ground up. I saw the love, passion, hard-work and determination that was put forth and I looked forward to the opportunity to do the same.

Well my opportunity arrived fast, and it was the most perfectly, imperfect time to start my journey as an entrepreneur and later momtrepreneur. What started as brick and mortar based business later evolved into an online-based business.

The Tru Brand Agency is a digital marketing and media agency. I work as a Branding Consultant who enjoys helping entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers “Tru’ly” define, protect and monetize their brand coupled with creative marketing and PR strategies. I get a thrill out of creating unique, branded content for websites, newsletters and social platforms. Along with courses and programs to educate others on how to understand, create and launch a solid brand.

Two amazing boys later (2 years of age & 6 months old), I have continued to expand my agency and proudly wear the title of Momtrepreneur. When I’m not working my business, I am still branding myself on the side as a music and fashion blogger over on & Instagram. In addition, I enjoy cruises with my family, caramel macchiatos with extra caramel, reading, playing guitar and being active in my church.

I hope to inspire and empower other Momtrepreneurs or soon-to-be that you can do it all and you have everything inside you to be successful. I look forward to continually providing more resources to help others create a brand they “Tru’ly” love! Feel free to become a Tru Brand subscriber here (, as I would love to hear about your current brand and will be sending over a gift to help you add to your brand. Remember, your brand is what makes you special and you get to decide everything about it. I am a firm believer that you should “be yourself…everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Let’s socialize, find me hanging out in the following places:

Hi, it’s me again Julia. If you loved reading about Trunae and her awesome Tru Brand Agency, then you should definitely check it out! Also be sure to follow her and Organizing Motherhood on social media. You can find links for Trunae above and links for Organizing Motherhood in my sidebar.

I just can’t believe August is almost over! But with a new month coming that means I am looking for a new MOMtrepreneur. If you are a MOMtrepreneur and would like to share your story on my Blog in September, be sure to send me an email at I will send you all the details for the post! Please reach out and share your story with all of us, or if you know of a MOMtrepreneur that would be perfect for this feature send them my way!

Thanks for reading!!!

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