7 Of The Best Under $25 Toddler Gifts

7 Of The Best Under $25 Toddler Gifts

In my experience some of the best gifts that I have received have either been the gift with purchase or seriously something super cheap. Any one say Chocolate!!! Because I am so easy to please gift wise I started to think about how I was going to shop for my babies this holiday season. Morgan is almost two now so she will be much more aware of Christmas.

The more I brainstormed and the more I sent family members gift wish lists, I realized every item on the list was under $25. How can that be? Well it’s quite simple. Toddlers love what they love, and they don’t need elaborate things to make them happy. Morgan’s favorite toy to date is a matching game that my sister bought for her from the Target dollar section. A close second is an Amazon box and a crayon. She’s extremely easy to please.

However with the holidays coming up I do want to get her something special. I am listing below items that I have sent family members as our gift wish list: 7 Of The Best Under $25 Toddler Gifts. I listed approximate dollar amounts because sometimes Amazon uses a third party seller and the prices can vary, however they will only vary slightly.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

Number One: VTech Drill and Learn Toolbox Approx. $16.00

Morgan loves watching Austin take things apart and put them back together. She has been super inquisitive from the beginning, a tool kit although traditionally a boy’s toy would be perfect for daddy’s little girl. Even better when Parker gets old enough it’s a quick and easy hand me down toy!

Number Two: 20 Piece Mini Kitchen Stove Top  Approx. $16.00

Turn any table into a play kitchen. We have a small IKEA play table that I will use to place this stove top on. Morgan will have fun for hours, I know this because she loves just a simple bowl and spoon. Her senses will be blown away with this super fun stove top set. It’s also nice that the set is small so it doesn’t take up all the space a traditional play kitchen does.

Number Three: Magnetic Letters & Numbers  Approx. $20.00

In the morning while Austin and I pack our lunches, Morgan always plays with the refrigerator magnets. She is going to absolutely love this colorful foam/magnet number and letters set. She will be able to learn and play at the same time. This will also give us plenty of time to prepare for our day before we head off to work.

Number Four: Supermarket Cash Register  Approx. $23.00

Morgan is getting to be a pro at counting to 10 – except for the fact that she skips the number 6. This Supermarket cash register toy will be a great way for her to learn her numbers and start with basic addition and subtraction. It also comes with play money which will be a great introduction for her to learn about money and budgeting.

Number Five: VTech Pretend and Discover Doctor’s Kit  Approx. $23.00

So many babies are scared of the doctor, some are scared because we are scared. But if we make the experience a positive one then there is nothing to fear. Morgan is going to just love playing doctor and I’m sure once Parker is a bit older she will probably practice on him quite a bit. I can just picture him covered in Peppa Pig band-aids.

Number Six: Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting CupsApprox. $23.00

Morgan has been a pro at matching games for some time now. Sorting and color coding are excellent skills to develop early. Toddlers learn colors, numbers, sorting, hand eye coordination and stacking all from this one toy. It’s a perfect introduction to the basics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

Number Seven: LEGO DUPLO Approx. $23.00

Duplo’s are a must have toy, they are fun and encourage imagination play. This set of Duplo’s is just under $25 and is the perfect starter pack with 65 pieces. The best part is you can always add on to the set as your kids get older, making this toy super relevant for years to come.

I hope you got some great tips on toddler gifts, and remember its now how much you spend it’s always the thought that counts! Hope your toddlers will enjoy these items as much as mine will!




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