5 Must Have Products That Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

5 Must Have Products That Make Pregnancy More Comfortable.

As I’m now well into my third trimester I have noticed that I am becoming more and more uncomfortable. Sitting, standing, driving and sleeping all have their downsides. I don’t remember being this uncomfortable when I was pregnant with Morgan, but maybe that’s part of the whole after birth amnesia that people tell you about. Not remembering how much it hurts etc! Although I can assure you I still remember ever second of labor and birth and for some crazy reason I decided to do it all over again. Is it too late to turn back?

If Parker arrives early just like Morgan did then I only have three weeks to go! If he decides to cook until he’s full term I have 6 more weeks of discomfort. I don’t know which option I’m hoping for more, longer pregnancy or shorter discomfort?

I knew that in order to make these last few weeks the best that they can be that I would need to turn to my trusted friend Amazon for some ideas. Needless to say I went a little order happy but the items I found have really made a huge difference! I’m hoping that if you are pregnant (any trimester) that these products will work as well for you as they have been for me. Here they are:

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