21 Extremely Easy Ways To Improve Your Finances

21 Extremely Easy Ways To Improve Your Finances


Why does it always seem like everything happens all at the same time. Since October 2017 my life has been non-stop go go go! I started a new side venture; my son was born; we bought a new house; Christmas celebrations;¬† my daughters second birthday; New Years and now house renovations! It’s been extremely hectic these past few months but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every event has been amazing and unforgettable. I am also one of those weirdos that believes that when I am busy my best self shines through.

This year I have decided that a majority of my posts will focus on your best self. I wholeheartedly believe that you are at your best when your life is organized. I know that for me that is 100% true. If my home is neat and tidy my productivity inside and outside of the home improves drastically. I also know that when I am excited about a new venture my first thoughts are how I will organize myself to include that venture into my daily, weekly and monthly routine.

This is what brings me to today’s post, 21 Extremely Easy Ways To Improve Your Finances. Having a healthy relationship with your finances revolves around two basic tenements 1. Organization and 2. Routine. In the bullet list below I will outline¬†21 Extremely Easy Ways To Improve Your Finances by being organized and by establishing simple routines. Ready or not your world is about to be rocked with just how easy it can all be!!!

Fooled you, not just yet! First I have a disclaimer to make, I am not a financial professional nor do I claim to be by any means. What gives me credibility in this arena is that I have been living 100% debt free for the past couple of years. I was able to pay off a 6 figure student loan debt in 6 years and I currently save more than 40% of my income all while living a very full life. So now without further ado here is my list!

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