5 Surprisingly Inexpensive “GREEN” Party Necessities

5 Surprisingly Inexpensive GREEN Party Necessities

I love planning parties! In fact my sister and I have turned it into a sport! We just love the decorations, the themes and the unexpected accessories. Lately however I have been much more conscious of what certain party planning necessities do to the environment. I’m talking about all the plastic goods. There is so much waste! Plastic plates, utensils, bottles, platters, serving spoons etc! It’s shocking how much thrash can come from a simple party. I have become determined to throw parties without the excessive waste.

This past weekend Austin and I celebrated our baby shower for our soon to be baby boy. We are so very excited about our family expanding. And as always I was so very excited to put on a great event! With the waste issue at the forefront of my mind, I set out to find products that were environmentally friendly. I was actually quite surprised that the green products I was replacing all the plastic goods with were much cheaper. Cheap and good for the environment, I’m sold.

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How To Explain The Spirit Of St. Patrick’s Day To Your Toddler

How To Explain The Spirit Of St. Patrick's Day To Your Toddler

Mommy Why Am I Wearing Green?

I honestly don’t remember if I ever had St. Patrick’s day actually explained to me as a child. I do recall anĀ episode of the Simpsons when Groundskeeper Willy was chasing all the snakes off of the playground alluding to St. Patrick. That does ring a bell. That must have been where I learned about it. Or, I’m positive we must have learned about it in school. Somehow I just grew up knowing that on March 17th I wear green.

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