Why I Do What I Do, My Monat Debut

Why I Do What I Do, My Monat Debut

In the middle of editing my blog post last week I had my final ultrasound appointment. During that doctor’s appointment I received news that my amniotic fluid was dangerously low. While I contemplated what to do next my doctor had different plans. She advised me that I was going straight to the hospital to deliver baby Parker! 

So much rushes through your head when you need to go to the hospital asap. I was thinking – but I have to work; I have to finish my blog post; will Austin make it home in time to take me; will my mother in law make it in time to watch Morgan? So many things to consider, so many things that might or might not have mattered given the dire situation. 

The one thing that truly mattered however was the fact that the day after I was sent to the hospital I gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

Parker Montgomery Burge
Parker Montgomery Burge

Parker Montgomery Burge entered the world on 11-7-2017 at 7:11pm! If that’s not a sign of lucky things to come I don’t know what is. In fact lately a lot of lucky things have been happening. My blog has been getting a lot more notice; Austin and I might actually be making headway with finally finding a home; and my co-worker Berlyn approached me with an opportunity I just couldn’t refuse. 

Berlyn and I work for the same large Fortune 10 company. Although, we both love our careers, our passions are with our families. She is a mom on a mission as am I, we both want the very best for our growing families. I saw that Berlyn was well on her way to fulfilling her financial goals, and I wanted to know her secret! She was more than kind enough to share it with me. Now that I have her secret I’m going to share it with all of you!

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3 Remarkable Mommy Under The Weather Products That Heal

3 Remarkable Mommy Under The Weather Products To Overcome

Over a month ago I came down with your run of the mill cold. I brushed it off like no big deal, took my vitamins and continued to live my life. Day by day the cold itself faded but a terrible cough developed and lingered. To this day it still lingers. When I stop to think about it I realize that the reason I can never heal is because I never take the time to heal.

As moms we are so concerned with our babies, our husbands and our homes; that we leave so little for ourselves. As I sit here writing this post I am on the first sick day that I have taken for myself this year even though I have been sick a few times. I truly think that if I would have followed my own pre-baby advice I would have been all better by now.

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