No Spend September: The Most Important Thing You Do This Year

o Spend September_ The Most Important Thing You Do This Year

Are you up for a challenge? How about a challenge that will change the way you view spending for the rest of your life! Then join me…

For the past couple of Septembers I have challenged myself to a No Spend September. Also known as a Frugal Fast or a Spending Freeze. Why September? No Clue. I actually learned about the concept years ago. I don’t entirely remember what the source was, but No Spend September has a nice ring to it.

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Why Meal Planning Is The Best Budgeting Tool

Why Meal Planning Is The Best Budgeting Tool

I started hearing about the concept of Meal Planning a few years ago. Back then however itĀ  cameĀ  from my extremely fit and active friends. Today Meal Planning at least in my circle has been coming more and more from my mommy friends. You see as I have discovered Meal Planning is not only a key to weight loss and/or a balance lifestyle; but it is also a key tool for efficiency and household money management.

If there is one luxury that I was always willing to spend money on it was food. Austin and I before Morgan loved to eat well – very well! We dined at the finest restaurants in Los Angeles and on our travels. And we made sure that we used the best ingredients when we cooked at home. When Morgan arrived we didn’t skimp on the ingredients in fact they became almost exclusively organic and natural. However we did cut back drastically on going out. You would think that would have meant that we were saving more. In fact the opposite happened. Because I was cooking more we were spending more. Our monthly grocery bill was soon becoming outrageous.

After a few months in denial, thinking it was just the increase in prices. I slowly started to realize that my additional spending was attributed to not having a plan! This is when Meal Planning entered the picture. Once I started Meal Planning I was able to drastically reduce my weekly grocery bill from roughly $160-$170 per week for a family of three to $100-110 a week. Today I am going to review with you 9 of the best Meal Planning tricks that I have learned along the way that has saved me on average $240 a month or $2880 a year!!!

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5 Ways This App Can Save Your Family Money

5 ways this app can save your family money

One of the things that I just love to do in life besides spend time with my baby Morgan and Austin is to save money. Sometimes finding a bargain is a greater joy then being able to spend tons of money on something. For instance I have nice designer handbags all purchased at sample sales; when we vacation it’s using reward points; and when we travel I sign up for Living Social in the area we will be visiting months before we leave to save on all sorts of activities, accommodations and attractions.

But by far the biggest money saver in our household is the Yelp App. You must be wondering how an app about reviews to places you visit every single day saves you money. Well you are in luck because today I will be giving away one of my biggest money saving secrets. Every year I save hundreds of dollars on service industries such as photographers, doctors, dentists, restaurants, home painters, handyman, spas, contractors and the list goes on. There are 5 key ways that you can save money with the Yelp app. Want to find out how, keep reading!

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