5 Surprisingly Inexpensive “GREEN” Party Necessities

5 Surprisingly Inexpensive GREEN Party Necessities

I love planning parties! In fact my sister and I have turned it into a sport! We just love the decorations, the themes and the unexpected accessories. Lately however I have been much more conscious of what certain party planning necessities do to the environment. I’m talking about all the plastic goods. There is so much waste! Plastic plates, utensils, bottles, platters, serving spoons etc! It’s shocking how much thrash can come from a simple party. I have become determined to throw parties without the excessive waste.

This past weekend Austin and I celebrated our baby shower for our soon to be baby boy. We are so very excited about our family expanding. And as always I was so very excited to put on a great event! With the waste issue at the forefront of my mind, I set out to find products that were environmentally friendly. I was actually quite surprised that the green products I was replacing all the plastic goods with were much cheaper. Cheap and good for the environment, I’m sold.

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How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success?

How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success

Gosh time sure did flying by, Spring ended 8 whole days ago. It is no longer my favorite cleaning time of the year. It is now Summer where the pressure to purge is no longer a thought and instead it’s all about Summer fun and relaxation. This Spring I had so many plans on how I was going to clean and organize our home. This Spring I also found out I was expecting another baby. The shift from cleaning to dr’s appointments and baby planning was an exciting one. However it also made me lose a little bit of cleaning focus.

In today’s post I will review what went well during my Spring Cleaning journey; what went not as planned; and what 3 products I found that I just couldn’t live without. But before I get into the nitty gritty I want to revisit some of the Spring Cleaning posts that I published during this magical time of year in case you missed them. My favorite post was definitely the last one listed. My entire cleaning method changed and it was for the better!

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5 Of The Best Spring Cleaning Items Moms Must Have

5 Of The Best Spring Cleaning Items Moms Must Have

Today, March 20th is the official first day of Spring! I absolutely love Spring. Both the weather and the flowers are amazing, but I especially love Spring because it’s the only season that’s associated with cleaning! I know what you are all thinking, “that’s a terrible reason to love Spring.” But I absolutely love cleaning (I’ll clarify that one later). I have a whole series of posts that I will be doing during the Spring months revolving around cleaning, organizing and decluttering. Today’s post is about 5 of the Best Spring Cleaning Items Moms Must Have!

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