Introducing October’s MOMtrepreneur. A Mother, A Blogger And A Holistic Nutritionist.

Introducing October's MOMtrepreneur. A Mother, A Blogger And A Holistic Nutritionist.

Every month that goes by I am both amazed with how fast time goes and excited because it means I am one month closer to being a mom of two! October’s MOMtrepreneur is also a mom of two, a 2.5 year old and a 7 week old. If being a mom of two wasn’t hard enough she is also a Holistic Nutritionist and a fellow Blogger. She is on a journey of wellness and motherhood, and after getting to know her a bit better I can tell you her journey is an amazingly successful one.

If you are new to Organizing Motherhood then you have been missing out on learning about some amazing Moms! Every month I aim to feature a MOMtrepreneur. A MOMtrepreneur can be anyone. From a stay at home mom Blogger to a 9-5 working mom that has a passion for sewing. I know so many remarkable moms out there that hold down a 9-5 job, have a side hustle and raise amazing kids. How do they do it, especially with only so many hours in the day. I am here to find out and share these astounding ladies stories with all of you in addition to promoting their businesses. Because most of all us mom’s need to help one another and support each others ventures!

This is my 8th feature, I literally can’t believe it. You can read my past features below. Starting with a very good friend that owns and operates a stunning baby accessory brand. You definitely don’t want to miss these fantastic ladies:

I was so lucky that Lacy from  Living with Lacy responded to a post of mine on Social Media. When I started the MOMtrepreneur features I never imagined it would be so enjoyable, but it really is! It would be an absolute pleasure meeting more mom’s among my readers. If you are a MOMtrepreneur like Lacy and would like to share your story on my Blog please send me an email at I will send you all the details! Please reach out and share your story with all of us!

Today’s feature of Lacy from Living with Lacy is an inspirational one. She is someone that all of us must get to know! She as a Holistic Nutritionist focuses on preventative measures to make sure that we feel better! Because as she says when you feel better, you look and perform better. Now I would like to introduce all of you to Lacy –

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