How My Pregnancy Bullet Journal Cured My Mommy Brain

Pregnancy Bullet Journal

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Oh my, this is my very first post. I’m nervous! But I can’t stop now, especially because I haven’t started yet! I thought long and hard about what my first post would be about. And then, I pulled out my bullet journal. Ah ha! It came to me, my first post would be about how my pregnancy bullet journal cured my mommy brain. The second I got pregnant I forgot just about everything short of where I worked and what my name was. I knew I needed to take action. I didn’t want to miss an appointment or forget about the latest project I was going to convince Austin to tackle.

Before I even selected my journal I knew that I wanted to organize my thoughts by week. My week days were very typical and my weekends were jammed packed with activities.

I bought myself a very simple 5 by 7 spiral bound journal. The size for me was an important component in selecting my journal. I would get the most random thoughts throughout the day. Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, did I mention I was pregnant. My days revolved around food and to do’s. I wanted to be able to take my notebook with me where ever I went. The compact size was perfect in my everyday purse, my laptop bag or even a larger clutch if we were going out on the town (to eat of course).

After selecting my journal and organizing it by week, I then selected pens to use. I went with Le Pen by Marvy. The reason I did this was because they are fine point, don’t bleed through the pages and they are smear resistant. I do have to admit when I am doing a graphic or a title where I make my writing bold, the pen will bleed.

A quick recap: book – check, pens – check, date layout – check. Up next is what you want to include in the journal. The reason the bullet journal cured my mommy brain is because of my layout. On each page I included a calendar, important dates, to do’s and appointments and for fun I included some basic information about my developing baby for the week.

  • The calendar served as a reminder of the date – a HUGE help when pregnant. I tended to lose focus especially when there are so many appointments on top of the other items I needed to handle.
  • The Important dates section served as a reminder of special dates that I needed to prepare for, such as my baby shower!
  • To Do’s and Appointments really served as my stream of consciousness and dates that I needed to take action on.
  • Last but not least I included a week by week snapshot of where my developing baby was. I included length, weight, and the ever important fruit size.  This was a fun section for me because it reminded me of my baby every time I took out my journal.

I hope you have as much fun laying out your journal as I did mine! Also don’t just limit the journal to pregnancy.  You can create a bullet journal for many occasions such as a job hunt, huge move, or blogging. I do however highly recommend a separate and shiny new journal while you are pregnant. You can look back on it years from now and see all the silly names you were going to name your sweet little one! Happy Journaling!!!!

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