Save Money! The Sample Challenge. Will You Join Me?

Save Money! The Sample Challenge. Will You Join Me?

Have you ever opened your bathroom cabinets to a sea of lotions, creams and face masks? How about all those small hotel samples of shampoo and conditioner that you hoard and swear you’ll use? If you answered yes to either of these questions then we are soul sisters!

I feel so bad throwing away my “just in case” items or my “oh I always wanted to try that brand” items. So I did what a lot of people do. I organized them away,  I bought stacking drawer organizers that would hold all of my chaos. I even labeled the drawers so I would know what was waiting inside. But alas, in actuality those sample size items were just sitting there for years and years going unused.

My first battle was with lotion. Three years ago during Christmas it was the lotion year. I literally doubled my hoard. Everything I purchased as a gift for someone came with a sample of lotions and potions and creams oh my! I bought a purse it came with lotion. I bought a sweater it came with a sample of face cream. Even ordering something from Zulily (who I love by the way) came with a sample of body butter. Oh no the endless cycle continues.

Enough was enough, I had to take action.

On January 1st, 2015 I made a promise to myself that I would not buy a single one of those items until my supply decreased or completely disappeared. Here we are March of 2017 and I am still working my way through products. As you can see from my image I still have enough products that I can use in a picture, and then some! The ultimate bonus of my little experiment has been all the money I’m saving. In fact I haven’t set foot in a store that sells any of those items since 2015! I estimate based on past lotion purchases that over the course of two full years I have saved well over $500. Some of my face moisturizers were $48 a bottle.

In January of this year I upped the stakes, I ran out of shampoo and conditioner. The super nice fancy one that I spend way too much money on. So I decided I would instead run through my stash of hair product samples. I saved the cost of my expensive shampoo and conditioner a total of $52. Told you they were pricey.

I absolutely love this experiment, I have discovered that since I changed my shampoo and conditioner my hair has never looked better. I have also discovered that a few of the sample shampoos work much better than the expensive stuff. In fact most of the samples I have are from salons so they are really good! Not to mention all the leave in conditioner and hair mask samples I have been using making my hair super healthy and reinvigorated. I am taking notes of which items I truly like so that when I run out of my samples I can buy those products.

Make sure however that if you are sensitive in any way, skin or hair, you do not use any products that can irritate you. When trying a new product test a small amount on your skin and wait 24 hours to see if anything happens.

Now here is my challenge to you. Go through your samples, whether its lotions or hair products and use them. Use them until you are down to a reasonable amount. Write me a comment letting me know how you doing with this challenge, how much money you are saving and if you have any other challenges that we can all try together.

Thanks for reading!

23 Replies to “Save Money! The Sample Challenge. Will You Join Me?”

    1. It’s amazing how much product you will be able to use and for how long, seriously I am loving saving all this money. I still haven’t bought a single lotion, shampoo etc. in my third year now

  1. I got a set of super expensive lotions form a friend who had come for a visit from dubai, once. I just hated the smell and I felt so bad throwing it out. I ended up keeping it for 2 years before my guilt was taken over by organizing issues. ^.^ I think I gotta check my bathroom cupboard soon!

    1. That’s the worse! I had the same thing happen – got a super expensive perfume set with soaps etc. I still haven’t used that one – it will be my last resort, I just hate the smell! hahah

  2. Oh my god! I am doing the same thing right now. I travel for a living and bring tons of this stuff home all the time – I don’t think I have purchased shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, tooth brush, mouthwash, or bar soap in two years!

    1. That’s awesome!!!! I love getting samples of toothpaste from my dentist too hahah and now he even gives out toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush. Saving money all over the place

  3. I have a drawer stuffed full of samples, which got even more stuffed after Amazon offered the “Luxury Beauty Box” and “Beauty Sample Box” haha. That’s a really good idea!

    1. You will surprise yourself how much you save and how long this challenge will last. I am going on two years now and haven’t bought a single thing!

  4. Wow we are on the SAME wavelength!! I too at one time bought those stacking drawers and “organized” my samples! Eventually I narrowed them down, donated a bunch of them, and gave some away. I HAD to they were taking over my life. I think your way is great though, you ARE saving money and not buying something you already have!
    Right now however, my husband and I are going through our cologne and perfume samples. I could not part with them.
    We are testing a new one each day, and then tossing – or giving the good ones that just were not good for US to my daughter and her boyfriend to try.
    We are almost done with all of them – picked out a couple favorites too.
    WHEW it is a lot of “work” haha.

    1. That’s an excellent idea. If my husband didn’t oppose perfume I would totally love to try my perfume samples. Even now some lotion samples he veto’s immediately hahah too smelly!

      1. Haha I can understand that! My husband is SOOO picky about hand and skin creams! I am trying to get him to use a skin care routine but he does not like anything that is CREAMY – he wants it to be very thin. I try to explain that skin CREAM is CREAMY lol

  5. That is so true! I have a friend who does this and she saves a lot of $$$$, I will try to do this too, thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s awesome! It’s been such a money saver. I’m guessing I will make it another year or more with just using samples. The best part is if you order Sephora on-line they give the best samples. Sometimes three or four items. I totally forgot to mention that in my post. Soon everyone will be seeking out samples – lets save money!!!

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