How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom With Baby’s Safety In Mind

How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom With Baby's Safety In MindSpring Cleaning is not only about “Out With The Old” but it’s also about “In With The New.” In today’s post I’m going to be addressing something that I seriously didn’t even think would be an issue until my little Morgan began to walk: Bathroom Safety. She literally gets into everything. She wants to open every single cabinet and drawer. I love it because she is a natural explorer. But I worry that she will find something harmful. Whether it be a small object she can swallow or something toxic that can be hazardous.

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I sometimes seriously love that we have a small house because we only have one bathroom to clean. But while I was spring cleaning our bathroom I realized that there were so many things that needed to be made safe for Morgan. Let’s begin with the standard items: toilet, sink and bathtub.


Tragically there are hundreds of babies that die every year from drowning in the toilet. They can climb up and fall in, but they can’t lift themselves out. That is why it is imperative that you always keep the lid closed and that you get a baby safe toilet latch. The Mommy’s Helper brand is super durable, discrete and can be a lifesaver!


The sink can be a dangerous place, especially if you leave a lot of items on the counter. I definitely can no longer leave my curling iron, blow dryer, or flat iron on the counter. And Austin will have to remove his electric razor so that Morgan doesn’t accidentally cut herself or pull it off the counter by the cord. Even our toothbrushes can be a hazard because they are electric. Morgan can turn them on and hurt herself or electrocute herself with the cord. It’s best to always keep things clear and out of reach.

Also if you have a medicine cabinet or under sink cabinets make sure they have child proof latches so that they cannot be opened. 3M makes ultra strong no drill magnetic latches, they are perfect for apartments and rentals or for anyone that doesn’t want to permanently drill a hole in their cabinets and drawers. They are also super easy to install, no tools needed.


There are so many things that are hazardous in a bathtub from the faucet to the shampoos and conditioners that you might keep in there to the slippery surface. It is best to keep a non-slip bathmat in your tub as well as your products out of reach. A clever way to keep products out of reach is to install shampoo and soap dispensers. They can be kept up high and out of the way. Faucet cover are also necessary to keep little one safe from the sharp and hard faucet. Mommy’s Helper makes a super cute frog faucet cover that is fun and durable.

Now that we completed our “In With The New” let’s return to “Out With The Old”. When you finishing making all of the items mentioned above safe for baby. You now must make sure everything that remains is also safe! Clean out your cabinets and remove all expired medicine and make sure medicine you are keeping is in baby safe containers.

Clear out any cleaning supplies that you are storing in your bathroom and replace them with your favorite non-toxic versions. Non-toxic versions are also very dangerous if swallowed but they do not contaminate surfaces and the air with harmful fumes. Make sure that all sharp objects and small objects are secure in your newly latched cabinets and drawers.

Have your spring cleaned your bathroom with baby’s safety in mind? If you have please share your story in the comments. What have you found to be the best purchase or update you have made?

Thanks so much for reading. Happy Monday!

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