The Best Ever Solution For Bloggers Block

The Best Ever Solution For Bloggers Block

What is Bloggers Block you ask, well I equate it to being the exact same thing as Writers Block. I am in the complete midst of it. I haven’t yet run out of Blogging ideas. In fact I have a list about 30-40 ideas long. However, there is nothing sparking my interest at the moment. My mommy mind is full. My mind is full of decisions and worries and possibilities.

I used to write a lot in school for assignments and for fun. I learned during that time that the Best Ever Solution for Writers Block or in this case Bloggers Block is to…….Write. I always hated that advice to be honest with you. I felt as though if I couldn’t think of an idea that sparked my interest how the heck could I possibly write. It’s easy. If you begin to write your stream of consciousness will take over and you will begin to create words on a paper.

Because I don’t have a central theme to this post besides “Write if you are struck with Bloggers Block”; I thought it would be great to write a little bit about what my intentions are with this blog. My blogging journey began on January 30th (my official 1st post publish date). I later learned that many bloggers create several posts before they publish a single one. That was my 1st rookie move!

My 2nd rookie move was thinking I needed to post often in order to gain interest in my blog. Instead I realized very quickly that I was creating a bad situation for myself. I had created another job; instead of allowing my blog to be the fun outlet that it was supposed to be. So only 3 full months in I am already rethinking my posting schedule. Instead of having to create content twice a week and publicize every day in-between I am going to return to posting once a week on Mondays which is how this blog started out.

This will allow me to do a few things:

  1. Post useful, helpful content for my readers.
  2. Not stress and view my blog as a second job. The more enjoyable it is for me to create the more enjoyable it will be for my readers to consume.
  3. Allow more time to spend on publicizing my posts. This is the area of blogging I was not familiar with until I was a couple of months in. Blogging seems to be 50/50. 50% is the content you produce and 50% is all about social media.
  4. Learn how to truly monetize my blog. My intentions from the beginning of creating the Organizing Motherhood blog have been very transparent. I am hoping to bring in extra income so that when my daughter is ready to begin school in 3 years we can move into a good school district.
  5. Learn how to interact more purposefully on Social Media. I have noticed that the most successful bloggers focus great efforts on Social Media. They don’t just post on Facebook and Instagram when they have a new blog post published (which is what I have been doing). But instead they post often on Social Media to maintain a presence with their followers, and really bond on a deeper level.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

So here we are my stream of consciousness was able to take over and I was able to write even though I had a major case of Bloggers Block. I am so thankful that I was able to start this blog. I am even more thankful that I used the Building a Framework (The Ultimate Blogging Handbook) by Just a Girl and Her Blog to really assist me with creating what you see today. It was a huge help when I was getting started. In reality it is a huge help even a few months later.

Blogging is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding. Just in the last 3 full months of blogging I have gained friendships with other bloggers that will probably last a lifetime. For that alone everything has been worth it. Even though my revenue to date has been just shy of $350, that is amazing and I am proud of every penny earned. I hope to continue on this journey and see where it can take me. Remember if you are experiencing the dreaded Blogger Block, do yourself a favor, just begin to write. You never know what your consciousness will create!

Until next time!!!

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