How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success?

How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success

Gosh time sure did flying by, Spring ended 8 whole days ago. It is no longer my favorite cleaning time of the year. It is now Summer where the pressure to purge is no longer a thought and instead it’s all about Summer fun and relaxation. This Spring I had so many plans on how I was going to clean and organize our home. This Spring I also found out I was expecting another baby. The shift from cleaning to dr’s appointments and baby planning was an exciting one. However it also made me lose a little bit of cleaning focus.

In today’s post I will review what went well during my Spring Cleaning journey; what went not as planned; and what 3 products I found that I just couldn’t live without. But before I get into the nitty gritty I want to revisit some of the Spring Cleaning posts that I published during this magical time of year in case you missed them. My favorite post was definitely the last one listed. My entire cleaning method changed and it was for the better!

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Introducing June’s MOMtrepreneur. Create, Smile, Dream!

Introducing June's MOMtrepreneur. Create, Smile, Dream!

Hello my wonderful readers. I am so excited about my June Featured MOMtrepreneur. She is extremely creative and imaginative and I am absolutely in love with her Etsy shop. I just know that you will be too. I featured some of her adorable and versatile handmade creations in the main image, be sure to check them out via the links below.

If you are new to Organizing Motherhood then you have been missing out on learning about some amazing Moms! Every month I aim to feature a MOMtrepreneur, a MOMtrepreneur can be anyone. From a stay at home mom blogger to a 9-5 working mom that has a passion for sewing. I know so many remarkable moms out there that hold down a 9-5 job, have a side hustle and raise amazing kids. How do they do it, especially with only so many hours in the day. I am here to find out and share these astounding ladies stories with all of you in addition to promoting their businesses. Because most of all us mom’s need to help one another and support each others endeavors!

This is my 4th feature, I literally can’t believe it. Time has really flow by since I started this blog. Read past posts below. Starting with a very good friend that owns and operates a stunning baby accessory brand. You definitely don’t want to miss these fantastic ladies:

I was so lucky that Amit from ILoveBarushka messaged me on my Organizing Motherhood Facebook page. It’s such an amazing time that we live in, that I can be introduced to such a wonderful mom on social media.  When I started the MOMtrepreneur features I never imaged it would be so enjoyable, but it really is! It would be an absolute pleasure meeting more mom’s among my readers. If you are a MOMtrepreneur and would like to share your story on my Blog please send me an email at I will send you all the details! Please reach out and share your story with all of us!

Today’s feature ILoveBarushka is an Etsy Store Owner. She has one amazing son who she raises as a stay at home mom in addition to creating a variety of beautiful handmade goods to sell on Etsy. I am so happy to introduce you to Amit!

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How To Explain The Importance Of Father’s Day To Your Toddler

How To Explain The Importance Of Father's Day To Your Toddler

In March I wrote a super successful post about the history and origin of St. Patrick’s day. I wanted to research it because honestly I didn’t know anything about it yet I was dressing Morgan in green head to toe! That post ended up launching a series of posts after I received multiple recommendations to create a post for each upcoming holiday. I will have to explain each holiday to Morgan anyway and what a better way than to actually learn the facts behind them. You can read all of the past posts below:

I learned so much from doing these posts, and I found that I really enjoyed researching and writing them. Today I will be sharing with you How To Explain The Importance Of Father’s Day To Your Toddler. I was extremely fascinated by the dark history of Mother’s Day so I was super excited to begin researching it’s counterpart.

Here are the top 7 things that I have learned about the importance of Father’s Day that I will use to explain it to my little Morgan. Thank you so much to my wonderful friend Google as always for steering me in so many interesting directions while researching this history.

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How To Avoid A Very Costly Pregnancy Blunder

How To Avoid A Very Costly Pregnancy Blunder

May was such an exciting month for our little family. We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.

how to avoid a very costly pregnancy blunder

And we made an extra special announcement featuring Morgan for our Baby Boy coming in November.

I'm Going To Be A Big Sister

However with every bit of good news comes some bad news. Luckily my bad news is not anything that is life changing or terrible. It is rather silly in fact now that I can look back at it in retrospect.

10 years ago Austin let me design my wedding ring. It was super special to me because I love symmetry and I always thought the engagement ring with a one band look was unbalanced. I decided to go against the norm and opted for two bands one on either side of my engagement ring. To describe my ring you would say it is two diamond eternity bands that sandwich a third eternity band with a center stone surrounded by a halo containing diamonds. I absolutely love love love my ring. It’s perfect. You might be asking yourself right about now why is Julia describing her wedding ring to us?

Well you see when I got pregnant with Morgan and every single night for 8 years prior to that I removed my ring every single night. It was annoying to sleep with it, mostly because I would either scratch myself or Austin in the middle of the night. That sucker can be sharp! But for some reason after giving birth once it fit again I put it back on and haven’t taken it off ever since. Therein lies the rub! I’m almost 5 months pregnant, two weeks ago I woke up from a tossy turney sleep to realize my ring finger was super swollen. I tried my go to method of cold water and soap to remove my ring but it wouldn’t budge.

I nonchalantly let Austin know that I think my ring was stuck. He became way more worried than I was. He started to Google ways to remove a ring from a swollen finger. In today’s post I am going to list all the ways that we tried to remove my ring before I finally had to call and make an appointment with our jeweler to have it cut off. My precious lovely ring.

Here is what we tried:

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