How To Avoid A Very Costly Pregnancy Blunder

How To Avoid A Very Costly Pregnancy Blunder

May was such an exciting month for our little family. We celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.

how to avoid a very costly pregnancy blunder

And we made an extra special announcement featuring Morgan for our Baby Boy coming in November.

I'm Going To Be A Big Sister

However with every bit of good news comes some bad news. Luckily my bad news is not anything that is life changing or terrible. It is rather silly in fact now that I can look back at it in retrospect.

10 years ago Austin let me design my wedding ring. It was super special to me because I love symmetry and I always thought the engagement ring with a one band look was unbalanced. I decided to go against the norm and opted for two bands one on either side of my engagement ring. To describe my ring you would say it is two diamond eternity bands that sandwich a third eternity band with a center stone surrounded by a halo containing diamonds. I absolutely love love love my ring. It’s perfect. You might be asking yourself right about now why is Julia describing her wedding ring to us?

Well you see when I got pregnant with Morgan and every single night for 8 years prior to that I removed my ring every single night. It was annoying to sleep with it, mostly because I would either scratch myself or Austin in the middle of the night. That sucker can be sharp! But for some reason after giving birth once it fit again I put it back on and haven’t taken it off ever since. Therein lies the rub! I’m almost 5 months pregnant, two weeks ago I woke up from a tossy turney sleep to realize my ring finger was super swollen. I tried my go to method of cold water and soap to remove my ring but it wouldn’t budge.

I nonchalantly let Austin know that I think my ring was stuck. He became way more worried than I was. He started to Google ways to remove a ring from a swollen finger. In today’s post I am going to list all the ways that we tried to remove my ring before I finally had to call and make an appointment with our jeweler to have it cut off. My precious lovely ring.

Here is what we tried:

  1. Ice bath for my finger to reduce the swelling coupled with liquid soap – FAIL!
  2. Ice bath for my finger coupled with lubricant – FAIL!
  3. Preparation H for my finger to reduce the swelling coupled with the dental floss compression wrap trick – FAIL!
  4. Preparation H coupled with raising it above my head for 30 minutes and large amounts of lotion – FAIL!
  5. Ribbon wrapped around my finger to compress it then removing it slowly starting at the knuckle slowly sliding the ring down my finger – FAIL!
  6. Zip ties slid under the ring all the way around allowing for a smooth surface for the ring to slide down – FAIL!
  7. Eating salt free foods for a few days to reduce the swelling – FAIL!
  8. Drinking tons of water to re-hydrate in case it was pregnancy edema – FAIL!
  9. Elastic compression wrap around my finger starting at the tip moving to the knuckle then slowing unraveling it sliding the ring down my finger – FAIL!
  10. Soaking my finger in Windex to shrink my finger thus removing the ring – FAIL!

None of the You Tube techniques worked, Google did not help us on this one. Note about the You Tube videos about how to remove a stuck ring. Most of the videos feature people that don’t have a swollen finger! It was very frustrating. Of course their rings were coming off! Instead all of the aforementioned techniques left my finger cut, irritated and more swollen then ever. It was time now to make that dreaded call.

Luckily my finger wasn’t so swollen that it was cutting off my circulation so it wasn’t a medical emergency. Last Tuesday I finally got the courage to call our jeweler to check on the process of cutting not one but three rings off my hand. Because my rings are eternity bands a few stones would have to be removed prior to the ring being cut. It was a super painful and sad call, but the call ended with my making an appointment for the coming Saturday to go through with the ring cutting process. A very costly process indeed. My jeweler was kind though he quoted the cutting as free. The repair however would cost a few thousand dollars for all three.

By Thursday night my anxiety set in and I was very sad about the upcoming appointment so after doing dishes one night I thought I would give the technique that my jeweler recommended one last try. Even though it was one of the techniques that failed me before.  My finger was a nice prune due to the scrubbing of the dishes. I sprayed my finger quite liberally with off brand Windex, and low and behold my ring started to budge. Not by much but more than it had before. I called Austin over, continued to dowse my finger with Glass Cleaner and with many attempted tugs and tons of pain one of my three rings was off! Success.

My appointment still loomed however because I still needed to remove two rings.  My finger was now more swollen then ever due to the latest trauma. The very next day my middle ring came off at work with a ton of lotion and force and the freezing like conditions of sitting under an AC for 8 straight hours. So now I sit here writing this with one last ring remaining. I decided to skip my jeweler appointment to let my finger heal and try try again!

The moral of this long story is that if you are pregnant or really for any reason please continue to remove your ring each and every night if that is your custom. I wish I never stopped removing mine. But what is life without a few minor panics! My focus now is on removing the last ring and preparing for my new bundle of joy.

If you have a similar story or a different technique to remove stuck rings, I would love to hear it. I still need to get this last one off before I get more pregnant.

Thanks for reading!!!

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