The Administrative Side Of Giving Birth. Are You Prepared? [Template]

The Administrative Side of Giving Birth

For today’s post I am resurrecting a past one that I written regarding the Administrative Side of Giving Birth. We have so many decisions to make right after giving birth, and so many people to contact regarding maternity leave. The last thing you want to do is stress about that fact that you can’t find your leave of absence coordinators number or your bosses number for that matter.

I am currently about to embark on this journey once again as Parker’s due date is now only 7 weeks away. I was actually very thankful that I wrote all of this down since my mommy brain couldn’t remember everything I put together last time around. Hope you find it as useful as I do!

Hospital Bag – Check.

Camera Bag – Check.

Car Seat – Check.

Sounds like you are all ready to give birth. Not so fast.

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Do you know the number to your pediatrician? How about your boss letting them know you won’t be able to make it to the 11:00 am conference call? Or better yet, your neighbor asking them to feed your cats while you are a little bit preoccupied? If you answered no to any of these questions; or you know that you would have to search high and low for these numbers then this is the tutorial for you!

There is an entire side to this whole giving birth thing that most people tend to overlook. I’m talking about the administrative side of giving birth. There are several administrative tasks that you need to take care of during your hospital stay. My little Morgan decided to come three weeks early before I started maternity leave so there was a lot to do in the moment related to my leave.

Several months before my due date I had a brilliant thought (I have my moments). I was going to keep Austin busy in the hospital and give myself the time to bond with my new baby. I put together a to do list for Austin in order of importance. In his hospital bag I included my Microsoft Surface for him loaded with the to do list. As a backup I also made sure to include a printout. The Surface ended up being invaluable because it could function both as a tablet and a laptop. Super convenient and portable. I don’t know if he loved the Trina Turk Tablet Sleeve as much as I did however, might have been a little too girly for him.

Let’s get to it, the administrative to do’s consisted of:

  1. My Placenta Encapsulator – I had my placenta turned into pills to regulate my mood after giving birth. She had specific instructions of when to be contacted. In this line item I included her instructions as well as her name, phone number and email address.
  2. My OBGYN – my OB needed to be contacted once  I went into labor and was admitted into the hospital. I included her name, office number(s), after hours cell phone number and email address.
  3. Our Pediatrician – our pediatrician makes hospital visits to assess the baby right after birth and then once again prior to hospital discharge. I included her name, phone number(s) and email address.
  4. My Boss – Since I wasn’t going to take leave until it was closer to my due date and Morgan came early my boss would probably wonder where I was. I included her name, phone number and email address.
  5. My Human Resources (HR) Leave of Absence (LOA) coordinator – my LOA coordinator needed to be contacted when I gave birth so that she would be able to change my status from an active employee to on leave. I included her name, phone number and email address. In this line item I also included my employee ID number in the instructions.
  6. The Hartford (Insurance Provider) – they needed to be contacted immediately upon the start of my leave so that they would activate my short term disability. In this line item I included their phone number, email address and website. In addition I included all pertinent information which they needed such as my login information, my social security number, my last date worked, my date of disability, my physicians information, my employee ID, and my direct deposit account information.
  7. Employee Development Department (EDD) – Much like the Hartford, the EDD is for disability coverage. I included their phone number(s), website and my EDD account number (I preregistered online) along with my security questions and answers.
  8. My Benefits Premium – my employee benefits department needed to be contacted so that they could send me a bill for my health coverage instead of deducting it from my paychecks – since I wouldn’t be receiving any while I was on leave. I included their phone number, email address and website along with my employee ID.
  9. Health Insurance Provider – you have 30 from when you give birth to add your newborn to your health care plan. The faster you add them to the plan the better. Your Pediatrician will likely start billing after the first check up. You will want to make sure that first check up is covered. I included my insurance policy and group number, employer information, phone numbers and email addresses.

Whoa that’s a lot! Having fun yet! This was invaluable to both my husband and I. He knew exactly what to do and who to contact without having to disturb me as I was recovering and bonding with my new baby Morgan. I have attached a handy printout for you to complete with all your relevant to do’s.

The Administrative Side of Giving Birth

Bonus extras you can include:

  1. Contact information for pet sitter/house sitter.
  2. Contact information for your doula or birth coach.
  3. Instructions on what you are okay with posting on social media.
  4. Instructions on who to schedule visits with upon release.

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