5 Childhood Games That Encourage Attachment

5 Childhood Games That Encourage Attachment

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday,

I’m sorry that I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from my blog lately but life has gotten in my way. Although it’s only been two weeks since I last posted it feels like a lifetime.

I have a very special treat today. I am welcoming a guest post from fellow blogger Mark. Mark’s blog the Foosball Zone (Blog By A Professional Player) is all about Foosball history as well as subjects that firmly identify with Foosball. Be sure to check out his point by point review of the Sportcraft Foosball table. In today’s post Mark is going to share with Organizing Motherhood’s readers 5 Childhood Games that Encourage Attachment. What a great subject for Mark to write about!

“There is no awful planning for making a solid bond in the family for a parent and a kid. A perfect way to making a bond is through having a ton of fun since it makes positive recollections for what’s to come. It doesn’t have any kind of effect whether you are playing with toys or without them; the motivation behind each amusement is to be engaged. Hence, I have the inclination to recommend you 5 amusements you can play with your youngsters.

Play hide and seek

Playing hide and seek is extremely engaging and intelligent game which entertains kids and grown-ups.  With this game, you can stimulate your kid’s inventiveness and you don’t have to use toys. The game is great for the entire family or for a party of 2; you can play it inside and outside. As should be obvious, there isn’t one awful thing about this intriguing diversion.

Playing game tables

I am a fan of game tables, especially foosball tables and I love playing them with my sons. What I like the most about game tables (more than other games) is the fact that you can’t play game tables alone which means you have to play it with someone. Highly addictive games like those will teach your kid to think and you will develop a strong bond with your kid in no time.

Prepare a tea party

A tea party with princesses and unicorns as visitors is the must-have game for every girl. On the tea party, your daughter is the host which means that you can sit and chat with unicorns. I don’t think I must mention drinking the best tea you have ever tasted. A good thing about this game is that you give your daughter freedom to do what she wants and to lead the way. That is my friend, a great way for her to express herself.


There is something tranquil in step by step swimming in warm water. If your child isn’t an average swimmer, carefully grasp him and let him feel safe in your arms. When he feels ready, you can demonstrate him how can he learn to swim in an easy and fun way. That will convey a grin to appearances of you both and it will bond you much more.

Reading books before bedtime

Following a day stacked with entertainment, the night is the right time for some fairy tales.  Grab your kid’s most cherished book, tuck your kid in their comfortable bed and start reading with different voices. Your kid will listen carefully until the story is over and it is time to enter the realm of dreams.”

reading books
Bonding with a great book

Hi it’s me again Julia. I loved reading Mark’s post as a mother it reminded me that playing and engaging with your kids doesn’t have to revolve around toys or expensive gadgets, most of the items mentioned in Mark’s post are free activities that encourage imaginative play.

My family is moving into a new home next month which is why I have been so lax with my posts but because of the move I have a super exciting year of posts lined up. I am going to be doing a whole series of posts regarding personal and family finances. In addition to writing about finances I will be writing about cleaning out the clutter; organizing; minimalism, home renovations and space makeovers! I can’t wait to be able to share all of my excitement with you as my family makes this big move.

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