Defining The New Age Princess The Kiddyzuzaa Way – Episode 4

Malice lost her evil

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Episode 4 had Morgan and I cracking up! If you haven’t watched Kiddyzuzaa Land yet check out the link below. Morgan is having so much fun watching these short videos. I love how the concepts are simple for her at 2 years old to fully grasp, but are also hilarious for me to watch. The Kiddyzuzaa Princesses really do have something for everyone. Episode 4 was all about how Malice was not a very good evil Princess – or was she? Esme was determined to get Malice to believe in herself once again.

I really like how humor in these episodes is obvious and subtle at the same time. Esme and the other princesses tried to help Malice by using reverse psychology, the concepts really teach a lot to children. Even though the episode was about Malice no longer thinking she could be evil, the underlining plot was one of helping a fellow princess when she doesn’t believe in herself. Malice’s confidence was boosted at the end and off she went to do more “evil” deeds. The dog in the hot air balloon ending was a laugh out loud moment!

I love watching Morgan enjoying the Episodes. You Tube on the big screen – Yes Please. Morgan can’t take her eyes off of the princesses for one second!

Laser Focused
Laser Focused

For me it is so important that I expose Morgan to safe content that teaches her valuable lessons. With Kiddyzuzaa I especially appreciate that each princess has her own distinct personality. Everyone can relate to them in someway.

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Stay tuned for my review of Episode 5 coming up soon

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