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This is a sponsored post. I sometimes receive products, services or compensation compliments of various companies. I however will only recommend products that I love; and that I know my readers will love too. I was in no way required to write a positive review. The opinions shared below are completely my own.

Disconnect and Reconnect is the main objective of this super fun and creative book that I’m reading by Shannon Philpott-Sanders. Screen-Free Fun is a necessity for any family library. It can be pulled out at any time for hours of innovative and imaginative family time.

“Shannon has written extensively about the joys of parenting for local and national newspapers and magazines throughout her fifteen-year career as a freelance journalist. A mother of two, she has dedicated herself to becoming a lifelong learner when it comes to parenting her son and daughter who are now in their late teens.”

There are three different ways to search for activities using Screen-Free Fun. The first is by a 3 tier rating system of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced activities. The second is by 4 subcategories Embrace Your Creativity, Enjoy The Great Outdoors, Support Your Community and Put A Fun Twist  On Local Travel. Lastly, the third is by Age Range.

An example of a Beginner Activity is Make Up A New Holiday. An Advanced Activity would be Build A Rock Collection. The ideas are truly endless. Below you will see a quick preview of how she rates the item and applies an age range to it. Each activity also comes with a full explanation so that the guess work is completely removed. I also really like that the descriptions are short and to the point.

I love that no matter what the activity or subcategory is it’s definitely an innovative and fun activity for everyone to enjoy. There are a few that are perfect for my 2 year old like Build a Fort or Collect Coats to Donate. We put a twist on that one and went through her toys instead. Although, some of the ideas can seem obvious. In the moment of boredom I totally would not think of them! The best part of the book is the ability to flip to any page and discover something to do. Even if you need to adapt it a little. I am certain that this book is going to be in our home for years and years to come.

I can’t wait to try more of the activities once Parker is also old enough to participate.

There are two things that I do wish this book included. One is more activities for a younger age range. And two is a glossary of activities by age range. However, the more I am flipping through these pages I see that a lot of the activities, although for older children really can be for any age. Therefore, I know that I will be doing several of these with Morgan, especially the Scavenger hunts and the I Spy Games. Too bad shes not old enough to play the Silent Game hahahha, maybe one day! Those terrible two are quite something, am I right!!! Parker is the easy one he is just happy chewing on something, its great being a baby!

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