No Spend September: The Most Important Thing You Do This Year

o Spend September_ The Most Important Thing You Do This Year

Are you up for a challenge? How about a challenge that will change the way you view spending for the rest of your life! Then join me…

For the past couple of Septembers I have challenged myself to a No Spend September. Also known as a Frugal Fast or a Spending Freeze. Why September? No Clue. I actually learned about the concept years ago. I don’t entirely remember what the source was, but No Spend September has a nice ring to it.

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The Administrative Side Of Giving Birth. Are You Prepared? [Template]

The Administrative Side of Giving Birth

For today’s post I am resurrecting a past one that I written regarding the Administrative Side of Giving Birth. We have so many decisions to make right after giving birth, and so many people to contact regarding maternity leave. The last thing you want to do is stress about that fact that you can’t find your leave of absence coordinators number or your bosses number for that matter.

I am currently about to embark on this journey once again as Parker’s due date is now only 7 weeks away. I was actually very thankful that I wrote all of this down since my mommy brain couldn’t remember everything I put together last time around. Hope you find it as useful as I do!

Hospital Bag – Check.

Camera Bag – Check.

Car Seat – Check.

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Why “Organizing For Your Lifestyle” Will Immediately Inspire You

Why Organizing For Your Lifestyle Will Immediately Inspire You

This is a sponsored post. I sometimes receive products and/or services compliments of various companies. I however will only recommend products that I love and that I know my readers will love too. I was in no way required to write a positive review. The opinions shared below are completely my own.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you I may receive a small commission if you purchase an item using my links. I however will only recommend items that I have in fact used and love.

Just like Spring I believe that Fall is a time for new beginnings. In the Fall leaves change colors and fall from the trees, birds and butterflies migrate South for the upcoming Winter months and I personally am in the mood to purge and organize. The Fall inspires me to review my belongings, have fun garage sales and give that eBay account a boost in sales. That is why I am so very happy to share with all of you the latest book that has ignited that spark. It is called “Organizing for Your Lifestyle: Adaptable Inspirations from Socks to Suitcases” by Jane Stoller.

Jane’s style of writing is so inviting. The entire book can be read in just an afternoon, not because it is lacking content but because you can’t wait to see what bright idea she throws at you next. The book begins with Jane’s mantra, “organizing is a lifestyle, but it needs to be your lifestyle”. This is so true, so many times other organization books try to alter your mindset completely, which does not work for everyone. Jane’s alternative to a one size fits all approach is to make sure that her reader is comfortable with the changes they are making so that they will continue to live an organized life long after reading and implementing the techniques in her book.

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How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success?

How Did You Do? Spring Cleaning Stress or Success

Gosh time sure did flying by, Spring ended 8 whole days ago. It is no longer my favorite cleaning time of the year. It is now Summer where the pressure to purge is no longer a thought and instead it’s all about Summer fun and relaxation. This Spring I had so many plans on how I was going to clean and organize our home. This Spring I also found out I was expecting another baby. The shift from cleaning to dr’s appointments and baby planning was an exciting one. However it also made me lose a little bit of cleaning focus.

In today’s post I will review what went well during my Spring Cleaning journey; what went not as planned; and what 3 products I found that I just couldn’t live without. But before I get into the nitty gritty I want to revisit some of the Spring Cleaning posts that I published during this magical time of year in case you missed them. My favorite post was definitely the last one listed. My entire cleaning method changed and it was for the better!

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How To Completely Change The Way You Spring Clean [Printable]

How To Completely Change The Way You Spring Clean

Have you ever heard of Task Specific Cleaning? I haven’t either until I think I made it up! I tried to Google it to make sure I didn’t read about the concept somewhere and forget about it, I couldn’t find anything. While I’m sure Task Specific Cleaning isn’t new, it’s something new to me. Let me explain!

I hope that by the end of this post a sense of AH HA will wash over you. Spring ends on June 20th. Which means that there is about a month left to Spring Clean. I was so excited in March when Spring began and I started out strong organizing all of our closets and drawers. However my enthusiasm fizzled. Spring Cleaning has completely taken a back-burner to my being sick, us taking trips, us working 9 to 5, starting and growing this blog and just dealing with everyday tasks.

But I am determined to make this final month of Spring count. In order to really complete my deep dive Spring Cleaning I must do one of my favorite things. Make a List!!! I just love making lists, even more so I love checking things off of my lists. If you are like me and you want to really make this final month of Spring count and complete your Spring Cleaning with a fury keep reading! I also have a bonus printable (link at the bottom of the post).

When I used to make Spring Cleaning checklists in the past I would focus on cleaning room by room; but then I realized I would need to get out different supplies for each task in that room – baseboards, windows etc. So instead of doing a checklist that is based on room by room cleaning I decided to create a check list that was Task Specific. Hence the concept of Task Specific Cleaning was born.

Now I must be completely transparent this is a whole lot easier to accomplish when your home is under 1000 sq feet. I probably wouldn’t recommend Task Specific Cleaning to those of you in a 3000 sq ft foot home – although if you want some great cardio – go for it!!!

In order to get started I listed items that need cleaning in each room and then listed the specific tasks that are required to clean those items.

Let’s begin with everyone’s favorite (insert sarcasm here):

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7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges

7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges

Since my last post How To Love Going On Road Trips With Your Baby just a mere three days ago my hubby and I added another Road Trip to our calendar. I’m super excited about all the fun things we have planned this year. In order to prep the way only a true Organized Mother can prep, I began to envision my road trip must haves. The more I thought about it the more I realized we already have some pretty amazing things that we have been using all these years.

In no particular order I have listed items that we have splurged on in the past to make our road trips top notch. In today’s post I am listing 7 Astoundingly Epic Road Trip Splurges. When you see the list below you will not know how you ever traveled without them! I know that I totally can’t.

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5 Of The Best Products For A Home With Cats

5 Of The Best Products For A Home With Cats

Meet George and Jax. George is our outgoing, crazy, destroyer of all things Bengal mix. Jax hiding in the background is our shy, timid, fluffy love ball Domestic. They are both the bane of my existence and the loves of my life. In writing my series of posts regarding Spring Cleaning I feel as though I left out one important factor. I may Spring Clean but about 5 minutes later the house is a complete disaster once again. The reason being is that I am a pet parent. Our cats create messes that I have no idea how they can even be possible.

In today’s post I am going to share with you 5 Of The Best Products For A Home With Cats. Austin and I have been pet parents far longer than real parents. Morgan is going on 16 months. George and Jax, they have been with us for 9 and 8 years respectively. Both George and Jax are rescue kitties.

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How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom With Baby’s Safety In Mind

How To Spring Clean Your Bathroom With Baby's Safety In MindSpring Cleaning is not only about “Out With The Old” but it’s also about “In With The New.” In today’s post I’m going to be addressing something that I seriously didn’t even think would be an issue until my little Morgan began to walk: Bathroom Safety. She literally gets into everything. She wants to open every single cabinet and drawer. I love it because she is a natural explorer. But I worry that she will find something harmful. Whether it be a small object she can swallow or something toxic that can be hazardous.

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How To Spring Clean Your Baby’s Closet

How to Spring Clean Your Baby's Closet

Cleaning your closet versus cleaning a baby’s closet is vastly different. For instance a baby is changing sizes every few months. We as adults don’t fluctuate all that often unless we are pregnant or dieting. In addition babies unlike adults are receiving clothes as gifts all the time from grandparents, neighbors, friends and from your late night impulse purchases. Lastly unlike adults who probably have 30-40 staples in their wardrobe, babies can have a 100 or so items. It gets to be a little daunting sorting through everything just to put an outfit together.

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