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Hello to my wonderful readers, I am so beyond thrilled to share this post with you. It involves the most amazing, precious, and sentimental jewelry that I have ever seen. I met Colleen initially when she won a Monat Raffle through a MOMtrepreneur giveaway that I was a part of. Our paths then crossed several times within the next few months. So much so that it was inevitable that we would collaborate.

I would like to now introduce you to Colleen Berg and share with you the story of her jewelry line.

Colleen Berg
Colleen Berg

Colleen Berg started her business over 17 years ago, when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She was working in advertising but wanted to work from home when her daughter was born. She managed to sign several agreements with different ad agencies to work freelance from home. September 11th happened and Sofia was born 3 days later. Businesses were worried about the economy and within a couple of weeks, the jobs she had contracted were cancelled. Knowing her family was a 2-income household, she was still hoping to work from home. Jewelry making had always been a hobby and she decided to turn it into a business.

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Why Meal Planning Is The Best Budgeting Tool

Why Meal Planning Is The Best Budgeting Tool

I started hearing about the concept of Meal Planning a few years ago. Back then however it  came  from my extremely fit and active friends. Today Meal Planning at least in my circle has been coming more and more from my mommy friends. You see as I have discovered Meal Planning is not only a key to weight loss and/or a balance lifestyle; but it is also a key tool for efficiency and household money management.

If there is one luxury that I was always willing to spend money on it was food. Austin and I before Morgan loved to eat well – very well! We dined at the finest restaurants in Los Angeles and on our travels. And we made sure that we used the best ingredients when we cooked at home. When Morgan arrived we didn’t skimp on the ingredients in fact they became almost exclusively organic and natural. However we did cut back drastically on going out. You would think that would have meant that we were saving more. In fact the opposite happened. Because I was cooking more we were spending more. Our monthly grocery bill was soon becoming outrageous.

After a few months in denial, thinking it was just the increase in prices. I slowly started to realize that my additional spending was attributed to not having a plan! This is when Meal Planning entered the picture. Once I started Meal Planning I was able to drastically reduce my weekly grocery bill from roughly $160-$170 per week for a family of three to $100-110 a week. Today I am going to review with you 9 of the best Meal Planning tricks that I have learned along the way that has saved me on average $240 a month or $2880 a year!!!

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